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BBK Electronics
Founded: 1995

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BBK Electronics was founded in 1995 by Duan Yongping, former CEO of Subor. At the beginning, the company name was shortened to BBG Electronics. With its establishment, BBG released the Subor consoles under the Liko brand, which, apart from China, also reached Russia/CIS. In addition to the famiclones, there were also a Mega Drive clones and accessories. In around 1998, BBK made a deal with Simba's Video Games under which this Russian company became a dealer of electronics and household appliances produced by BBK. In exchange, BBG produced video game console for Simba's Video Games until 2004 when both companies moved separate ways.


  • AB701 (xxxx) - might be licensed by Sega
  • Consoles sold by Simba's (≥ 1998 - 2004)
  • Magic Drive (≥ 2003)

List of bootleg releases

Box made by BBK Electronics

Bootlegs branded by Magic Drive, sold in Russia from 2003/2004 to late-2000s.

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