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Cosmic Carnage
System(s): Sega 32X
Publisher: Sega
Sound driver: SMPS 68000/32X
Peripherals supported: Six Button Control Pad
Genre: Fighting Action/Kakutou Action (格闘アクション)[1], Action[2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega 32X
¥7,8007,800 GM-4004
Sega Rating: 18 and Up
Sega 32X
$69.9969.99[4] 84700
ESRB: Teen
Sega 32X
Sega 32X
£59.9959.99[5][6] 84700-50
Sega 32X
Sega 32X
Tectoy: 13+
Sega 32X

Cosmic Carnage, known in Japan as Cyber Brawl (サイバーブロール), is a 2D versus fighting game developed by Almanic and ALU and published by Sega exclusively for the Sega 32X in late 1994.


Light years away in a distant star system, four prisoners on an intergalactic prison barge mutiny against their captors and hijack the ship, destroying its controls and life support systems. The mutineers realize that their only hope of survival is to hijack another ship, so they activate a distress beacon and lure a military cruiser to them. When it is near, the crew activates the ship's engines and ram the barge into the cruiser.

Only four members of each ship have survived, and both ships are badly damaged and inoperable. The military cruiser has lost all of its escape pods except one, and it only has room for one passenger. Now the four prisoners and four soldiers must battle to determine who will use the last escape pod and escape to safety.


Cosmic Carnage 32X, Character Select.png

Character select

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Armor Select.png

Armor select

The game is a fighting game. The player fights against other opponents in one-on-one matches, and the fighter who manages to deplete the health bar of the opponent wins the round. The first fighter to win two rounds wins the match. Each round is timed (though the timer can be disabled in the options); if both fighters still have health remaining when time expires, the fighter with more health wins the round. Similar to the Samurai Shodown games, the camera zooms in or out depending on the distance between the fighters, and the fighters swing their limbs toward and away from the screen to simulate depth.

Characters move with Left and Right and crouch with Down. They move while crouched with Down-left or Down-right. They jump upward with Up and jump behind and ahead with Up-left or Up-right. Using a Six Button Control Pad, characters perform a normal punch with X, a fierce punch with A, a normal kick with Y, and a fierce kick with B. They can provoke (taunt) the opponent with Z or C (which perform different taunts). Using a standard three-button pad, characters punch with A, a kick with B, and provoke with C. Tapping the button does a normal punch or kick or the first taunt, while holding the button does a fierce punch or kick or the second taunt.

Attacks vary depending on whether the character is near or far from the opponent and whether the character is standing, crouching, jumping straight up, or jumping diagonally. Special moves can be performed using special button combinations. If the opponent is finished with a special move in the final round of the match (except for throws or chip damage from a blocked special move), the opponent is dismembered.

Characters block by holding the D-Pad in the direction opposite to the opponent. High attacks must be blocked standing, while low attacks must be blocked crouching. Mid attacks can be blocked standing or crouching. Special moves do a small amount of chip damage when blocked (except for the armored characters). Blocks can be canceled into into an attack. Characters become dizzy after being hit repeatedly, which makes them momentarily unable to move or attack. Moving the D-Pad and pressing the buttons rapidly wakes the character out of the stunned state faster.

Four of the selectable characters use armor to assist them in battle, and players may choose between one of two options (light or heavy) for each of the three armor pieces (body, arms, and legs), which changes which special moves are available to them. However, armor can be lost (for the remainder of the round) if the character sustains too much damage, which reduces the character's defense, causes the character to take chip damage from blocked special moves, and removes access to any special moves provided by that armor piece.


In single-player mode, the player can choose from eight playable characters. The goal of the game is to defeat all the other characters in as short a time period as possible; there is no boss character. Rather than each character having a different ending, the ending varies depending on how quickly the game is completed. In the good ending, the character makes it to the escape pod and escapes the ensuing explosion of the barge. In the bad ending, the character is caught in the explosion before the escape pod can launch. There are five difficulty levels, and the requirement for the good ending depends on the difficulty level chosen, with the easier difficulties requiring the player to finish the game faster.

There is also a dedicated two-player mode where both players choose a character (which may be the same character) and fight a match against each other. The winner of the match keeps the same character for the next match, while the loser can select another character.


Note: Move lists assume that the character is facing right. When facing left, Left and Right should be reversed.

P Any punch button
 LP  Light punch
 HP  Hard punch
K Any kick button
 LK  Light kick
 HK  Hard kick
 TAUNT  Taunt

There are eight playable characters in the game, divided into two groups, called Military and Renegade in the Japanese version and Soldiers and Fugitives in the overseas versions.

The three human fighters from the Japanese version were replaced with aliens in the overseas versions.


The military characters have the advantage of getting to select their armor before a battle begins, with three pieces of armor for their body, arms, and legs. Each armor piece comes in light and heavy variety, with the difference of either size of the part being the special move it can use. Armor can be destroyed if it receives enough damage, disabling the use of the special move attached to it for the rest of the round.

CosmicCarnage 32X Jake Portrait.png
CosmicCarnage 32X Cylic Portrait.png
Jake (ジェイク) / Cylic
Jake is a brown-haired human soldier in the Japanese version.

Cylic is an alien red ant in the overseas version.

Move list
Name Command Description
Double Needle Kick Right Down Up K
Neck Throw Left+P or Right+P
Energy Smasher
(Light arms only)
Down Down-right Right P
Machine Gun Knuckle
(Heavy arms only)
Right Down Down-right P
Energy Blaster
(Light body only)
Down Down-right Right  TAUNT 
Grenade Attack
(Heavy body only)
Hold Left, then Right+ TAUNT 
Graviton Crusher
(Light legs only)
Right+K in midair
Energy Thunder
(Heavy legs only)
CosmicCarnage 32X Ray Portrait.png
CosmicCarnage 32X ZenaLan Portrait.png
Ray (レイ) / Zena-Lan
Ray is a blond-haired human soldier in the Japanese version.

Zena-Lan is a female soldier whose head is constantly on fire in the overseas version.

Move list
Name Command Description
Flying Lariat Left Down-left Down Down-right Right P
Fury Punch
(Light arms only)
Lightning Ring
(Heavy arms only)
Riding Crusher
(Light body only)
Left+ TAUNT  or Right+ TAUNT  in midair (close)
Blazing Charge
(Heavy body only)
Right Right+ TAUNT 
Bloody Spiral
(Light legs only)
Left Right Right+K
Knee Blast
(Heavy legs only)
Down Down-right Up-right K
CosmicCarnage 32X Naruto Portrait JP.png
CosmicCarnage 32X Naruto Portrait US-EU.png
Naruto (鳴門)
Naruto is a brown-haired human soldier in the Japanese version and a shadow being in the overseas version.
Move list
Name Command Description
Dash Left Left or Right Right
Drop Throw Left+P or Right+P (close)
Naruto Slice
(Light arms only)
Right Down-right Down Right P
Spinning Double Slice
(Heavy arms only)
Right Down Down-right P
Whirlwind Kick
(Light body only)
Down Down-right Up-right  TAUNT 
Double Hand Blast
(Heavy body only)
Right Left Right+ TAUNT 
Spinning Kick
(Light legs only)
Down Down-right Right K
Whirling Blast Kick
(Heavy legs only)
Left Down-left Down Down-right Right K
CosmicCarnage 32X Tyr-Karl Portrait.png
Karl (カール) / Tyr
Tyr is a man with metallic skin wearing samurai-like armor. He is the only military character who has the same design between versions.
Move list
Name Command Description
Super Press Down Down-right Up-right P
Tornado Left Down-left K
Super Whip Left+P or Right+P (close)
Atomic Hammer
(Light arms only)
Right Down-right Down P or K
Mega Buster Drop
(Heavy arms only)
Left+P in midair
Breast Charger
(Light body only)
Hold Left, then Right+ TAUNT 
Mega Cannon
(Heavy body only)
Hold Left, then Right+ TAUNT 
Dash Hurdler
(Light legs only)
Hold Left, then Right+K
Mega Cyclone Wrecker
(Heavy legs only)
Hold Left, then Right+K


The renegade characters do not have any armor, so they do not lose any special moves no matter how much damage they take.

CosmicCarnage 32X Yug-Wishbone Portrait.png
Wishbone (ウィッシュボーン) / Yug
Wishbone is an humanoid that resembles a gorilla.
Move list
Name Command Description
Spinning Double Striker Right Down-right Down Down-left Left P P
Blaze Hold Down Down-right Right  LP 
Strangle Hold Up+PPPPP during Blaze Hold
Wheel Press Up Up-right Right Down-right Down K during Blaze Hold
Rolling Gangbuster Left Right P during Blaze Hold
CosmicCarnage 32X Deamon-Finisher Portrait.png
Finisher (フィニッシャー) / Deamon
Finisher is an humanoid creature that resembles a scorpion.
Move list
Name Command Description
Whirlwind Thrasher Right Right+P K
Hammerhead Whip Left Down Up P
Rolling Claw Right+P (close)
CosmicCarnage 32X Naja-Stere Portrait.png
Stere (ステア) / Naja
Stere is a serpentine siren with a bionic lower body.
Move list
Name Command Description
Back Whip Hold Down, then Up+K
Winder Rush Down Down-left Left P
Tail Squeeze Left+K or Right+K (close)
CosmicCarnage 32X Talmac-Bolt Portrait.png
Bolt (ボルト) / Talmac
Bolt is a tall humanoid with big razor claws.
Move list
Name Command Description
Gale Wall Down Down-left Left P
Gale Wave Right Left Right+P
Pile Dragon Right Down Down-right P
Gale Arrow Hold Left, then Right+P


Every fighter is faced in his or her own unique stage.

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Cyclic.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Cyclic.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Zena-Lan.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Zena-Lan.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Naruto.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Naruto.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Tyr.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Tyr.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Yug.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Yug.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Deamon.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Deamon.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Naja.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Naja.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Talmac.png

Cosmic Carnage 32X, Stages, Talmac.png


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Cosmic Carnage Cosmic Carnage
English (US) Cosmic Carnage Cosmic Carnage
Japanese サイバーブロール Cyber Brawl


The game was initially developed for the Sega Mega Drive, but like Tempo and Chaotix, were converted on short notice so that the 32X could have a larger library of games.[7]

Production credits

  • : Naoyuki Hayakawa, Masaki Ishikawa, Youji Iwashita, Tsutomu Ando, Yasuo Wakatuki, Noriyuki Tomiyama, Hikoshi Hashimoto, Hiromitsu Shioya, Hidetoshi Fujioka, Hiroshi Yokokura, Hiroyuki Ohtaka, Ryoichi Hasegawa
  • Special Thanks: Takashi Yoneda, Takashi Sorimachi, Ryusaku Matui, Noboru Kosuge, Kyohko Niyama, Keiichi Egawa, Hiroyuki Sakiyama, Fumiko Aoyagi, Norihiro Sekine, Hideki Youkaichiya
  • Programmed by: Almanic Corp.
  • : Takashi Shichijyo
In-game credits
Cosmic Carnage 32X credits.pdf

Developer mentions

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Keep Devilishly Warm This Winter flyer back NL.png
NL flyer
Keep Devilishly Warm This Winter flyer back NL.png
Print advert in Hobby Consolas (ES) #43: "Abril 1995" (1995-xx-xx)


Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
65 [10]
Sega 32X
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1 review
Sega Retro Average 
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1700 igr dlya Sega (RU)
Computer & Video Games (UK)
Digitiser (UK) PAL
Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) NTSC-U
Entsiklopediya luchshikh igr Sega. Vypusk 1 (RU)
Famitsu (JP) NTSC-J
Freak (IL)
GameFan (US) NTSC-U
Game Players (US) NTSC-U
GamePro (US) NTSC-U
GamesMaster (UK) PAL
Games World: The Magazine (UK) PAL
Mega (UK) PAL
Mega Fun (DE) NTSC-U
Mega Play (US) NTSC-U
Mean Machines Sega (UK) PAL
Next Generation (US) NTSC-U
Player One (FR)
Saturn Fan (JP) NTSC-J
Sega Magazine (UK) PAL
Sega Power (UK) PAL
Sega Pro (UK) PAL
Sega Pro (UK) PAL
Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) NTSC-J
Última Generación (ES)
VideoGames (US) NTSC-U
Sega 32X
Based on
28 reviews

Cosmic Carnage

32X, JP
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Technical information

Main article: Cosmic Carnage/Technical information.


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Cosmic Carnage

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