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Mega Drive version

Sega logo ™ symbol

DDiHW MD JP Sega.png

While not released in Japan, code exists to remove the ™ symbol from the introductory Sega logo if the game detects it is being played on a Japanese system.

Level select and unlimited time

On the title screen, press B A Down Left Up C Down Up C (BAD LUC DUC). You will now be able to access all the levels, and the in-game timer will freeze at 99.

Unused content

Unused level select screen

DDiHW MD UnusedLevelSelect.png

Enable the Game Genie codes SANT-A4YE and AVHA-AAEN, then input the level select code above. Now, instead of the regular level select, this simpler version will appear.

This screen uses a rendition of "Hooray for Hollywood", which is inaccessible from the sound test. It is said this tune might have been cut due to licensing issues.

Unused region lockout screen

DDiHW MD RegionLockout.png

Daffy Duck in Hollywood is not region locked, however code exists to stop the game running on a non-PAL Mega Drive. Use the Game Genie code RE5T-E6W6 to re-enable the feature.

Unused head hitting mechanic

DDiHW MD HeadHit.png

DDiHW MD HeadHit2.png

In the final game, nothing of consequence happens if Daffy hits his head on a ceiling; he just falls down. However, code exists within the game that instead causes a momentary pause accompanied by an animation. Hit your head three times in this way without moving left or right, and Daffy's head will grow a lump.

It can be re-enabled with the Game Genie codes RE8T-C6VL and RE8T-C6VN.

Master System and Game Gear versions

View endings

On the main menu, press the following to see the endings when starting a new game:

  • Left Left Left Left Left Left Right: Good ending
  • Left Left Left Left Right Right: Bad ending 1
  • Left Left Right Right Right: Bad ending 2

Stage skip

DDiHW SMS StageSkip.png

DDiHW GG StageSkip.png

On the main menu, press Left Left Right Right Left Left Right. "STAGE SKIP!" should show when leaving the menu.

Now on the stage select screen, pressing 2 will skip to the next set of stages.


DDiHW SMS Invincible.png

DDiHW GG Invincible.png

On the main menu, press Left Right Right Left Right Left Left. "INVINCIBLE!" should show when leaving the menu.

Play as Fergus McGovern's head

DDiHW SMS Fergus.png

DDiHW GG Fergus.png

Enable both the stage skip and invincibility codes (which can be done by entering and exiting the music/sound test screen), then press Left Right Left Left Left.

Fergus McGovern was the founder of Probe Software which developed these 8-bit ports, and his head turns up in a few games.


Daffy Duck in Hollywood

DDiHW Title.png

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