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Daytona Championship USA
System(s): Arcade
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: International Speedway Corporation
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-8
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Daytona Championship USA is an arcade racing game in the Daytona USA series, previously called Daytona 3 Championship USA.

The main development hub for the title was in the UK, making it Sega's third original arcade project developed by an overseas arcade subsidiary. The prior two were Sega Rally 3 and Dream Raiders.


While once billed as a numbered sequel, Daytona Championship USA is essentially an extension of the original arcade game, with updated graphics and sound and a more modern cabinet design. The cabinet has a 47-inch LED monitor, and can be linked to up to eight players, and also a 27-inch video billboard marquee so spectators can see what's happening in the race.

Like the original game, there is only a choice of two cars ("manual" and "automatic") and the sole objective is to finish the race in first place.


Daytona Championship USA contains six tracks, three of which are brought forward from the original Daytona USA, and the other three being unique to this game. The selection is slightly misleading, however, as aesthetics aside, the new tracks have the same layout as the old ones (albeit mirrored in some cases).


Daytona International Speedway (beginner)
Despite the series first appearing with the license on location test in 1993, Daytona Championship USA is the first Daytona USA game to actually include the real-life Daytona International Speedway as a track. This might have been intentional however, as the fictional Three-Seven Speedway uses the same layout, just with more varied and colourful scenery.


Three-Seven Speedway (beginner)


Lakeside Canyon (advanced)


Dinosaur Canyon (advanced)


Metro City (expert)


Seaside Street Galaxy (expert)
The statue of Jeffry from Virtua Fighter has been replaced with a higher polygon model of Akira.

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Sega Shanghai Studio R&D
Sega Amusements International (SAI)
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