Ecco: Songs of Time

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Ecco: Songs of Time
Format(s): CD
Record label: Sega Music Group
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
$16.0016.00 697-124 126-2

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Ecco: Songs of Time is an album containing music from Ecco the Dolphin and its sequel Ecco: The Tides of Time.

Track list

Ecco: The Tides of Time
1. Abyss (4:43) 
2. Botswana (3:17) 
3. The Desert Below (2:42) 
4. Deception (2:05) 
5. Deep Marjimba (3:14) 
6. Blue Dream (3:26) 
7. St. Gabriel's Mask (4:32) 
8. Heart of the Giant (2:40) 
9. Transcended (3:21) 
10. Mountains Below (3:37) 
11. Treefish (3:40) 
Ecco the Dolphin
12. Aqua Vistas (4:24) 
13. Lonesome Search (1:49) 
14. Friend or Foe (6:06) 
15. Motion E (4:08) 
16. The Machine (3:26) 
17. Sounding Echo (3:11) 
18. Time Forgotten (4:01) 
Running time: 64:22

Production credits

  • All tracks recorded, produced, mixed & mastered at: Sega Music Group Studios on the EUPHONIX™ digital control audio system
  • Operations supervisor: Jorge Castellanos
  • Production coordinator: Samantha Tatler
  • Administrator: Lisa Alferez
  • Package design by: B-Girl Graphics
  • Cover art production by: Claire Boudreaux
  • Product management by: Hammer of Ace
  • Original Ecco the Dolphin™ concept by: Ed Annunziata
  • Whale, dolphin and underwater sounds from: "Chorus of Whales"
  • Used by kind permission from: Madacy Inc., Quebec, Canada H4L 4Z1
  • Deep thanks to: Ed, Jorge, Sam, Liza, Dave, Gary, Brian, Jen, all@segasoft, Joe Miller, Steve Payne, Nobuo Mii, Gary Griffiths, Dave Albert, Gerry Blau, Tom Kalinske, Shinobu Toyoda, Bob Willcox, Shelly Berliner, Peter Loeb, Kim Swartz, Jim Caparro, Mark Fine, Pat Monaco, Bob Bell, Grace Salafia, Mark Palerno, Beth Ludenberg, Phil Neal, Peter Gabriel, Access Communications, Mack Clark and McTech, Brian Botell and Cutting Edge Audio, Sega of America... and very special thanks and love to Claire, Kira, Skyler and the rest of my family and friends for continuing to support my lofty dreams and blind ambitions
  • This album is peacefully dedicated to the loving memory and music of Kevin Gilbert, whose brilliant blaze cut through the darkness, revealing a genius too few of us will ever know.
  • Noises by: Spencer Nilsen (keyboards, synthesizers, textures), David Young (keyboards, programming, sound design), Mitch Manker (wind synthesizer, pocket trumpet), Braid Kaiser (drums, percussion, keyboards), Jennifer Hruska (samples, programming, sound design), Brian Coburn (sound effects and general weirdness), Erik Frykman (guitars, effects), Whales & Dolphins (themselves)
  • Brad Kaiser uses Zildjian™ cymbals
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Physical scans

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