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Localisation comparisons

Mega Drive version

SegaLogo MD JP 1990.png

JP/EU versions

SegaLogo MD US 1990.png

US version

The North American version includes a ™ symbol next to the Sega logo. Strangely, the symbol is absent for PAL systems.

Gain Ground MDTitleScreen.png

JP version

GainGround MDTitleScreen.png

US version

GainGround MD EU Title.png

EU version

The Western versions change "PUSH START BUTTON" to "PRESS START BUTTON". The North American version also amends the copyright information to reflect the change in publisher.

Version comparisons

Title screen

Gain Ground Title.png

System 24

Gain Ground MDTitleScreen.png

Mega Drive

GainGround SMS Title.png

Master System

GainGroundSX SCDROM2 Title.png

Super CD-ROM²


Gain Ground

Gain Ground Title.png

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