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System 24 version

  • Directed by: Mac Austin, Yang Watt
  • Graphic Design By: Sea-Gup, Max Nelson, KAO
  • Programmed by: Mina & Mana, Bee3, Kuriboh!!
  • Music by: Q-Chan, Dolphin
  • Industrial Design By: RKO
  • And Special Thanks To: Eiro, Doydoy
  • Presented by: ©Sega 1988
In-game credits (JP)

Developer mentions[1][2]

According to Kunitake Aoki, the main programmer's surname is Arai and the main artist's surname is Kawaguchi[3]. Yoshiki Ooka has also recalled a staff member named Arai.[4]

Mega Drive version

In-game credits
Gain Ground MD credits.pdf
Sega TV Game Genga Gallery[6]

Master System version

In-game credits [7]

Super CD-ROM² version

  • Executive Producer: S.Ishihara
  • Producer: T.Tabeta
  • Director: S.Miyazaki, Max.Inde, K.Saitou
  • Programmer: K.Kuge
  • Support: Masas
  • Sound Composer: T's Music
  • Graphic designer: Mat.Kakisisu, Yax.Takahara, Nama.Ninnin, Momo, Fill In Cafe, Max.Inde
  • Special Thanks: H.Nakamura, Toruneko, S.Miyazaki, J.M.Kim, Sony.Kim, H.Mesuda, Y.Komatsuda, T.Kuwahara
©1992 NEC Avenue / Bits Laboratory
In-game credits [8]


System 24 version

Yoshiki Ooka

  • Programmed enemy placements.[9]

Mega Drive version

Music credits

ID Description Credits Used Comments
1 Round 1 Yes
2 Round 2 Yes
3 Round 3 Yes
4 Round 4
  • Music & Arrangement: SZK
Yes New music for Mega Drive version.
5 Round 5 Yes
6 Stage Clear Yes


Gain Ground

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