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GiGO is the name given to a small chain of game centres created by Sega during the early 1990s in Japan, beginning in September 1992 with Roppongi GiGO.

GiGO centres were typically large, multi-floored urban entertainment centres, designed to outclass most suburban Sega World centres and urban Hi-Tech Land Sega venues in size. Many have been located in shopping centres and popular city districts, partnering with other businesses to position themselves as entertainment complexes. Alongside coin-operated amusement machines, other features have been operated within them, including karaoke rooms, casino areas, and food and drink outlets.

The branding was phased out during the late 2000s, likely in favour of the standardised "Sega" look also applied to former Sega Worlds, though the flagship Sega Ikebukuro GiGO continued to use its original namesake. The vast majority of the venues opened under the chain have also closed permanently or changed ownership, with only the the reopened and rebranded Sega Fukuoka Tenjin operating to this day.

"GiGO" is a portmanteau of "Gimmick" and "God".[1] A later explanation gives the name as an abbreviation of "Get into the Gaming Oasis."[2]

In January 2022, Genda, who previously purchased a majority stake in Sega Entertainment from Sega Sammy Holdings in September 2020 (forming Genda Sega Entertainment), announced they had acquired the entirety of Sega's game centre operations. Genda revived the "GiGO" name in the process, announcing the rebranding of Genda Sega Entertainment as Genda GiGO Entertainment Inc. and rebranding of all Sega game centers under the GiGO name.


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GendaGiGO pressrelease 2022-01-28.pdf

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