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Girl's Garden
System(s): SG-1000
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action[3]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
¥4,3004,300[3] G-1037

Girl's Garden (ガールズガーデン) is a game for the SG-1000. It is notable for being the first game Yuji Naka worked on.


Papri (パプリ) must collect flowers to give to her beau Minto (ミント) to prevent him from going to another little girl named Cocco (コッコ).


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Challenging stage

Papri must collect ten flowers and return them to her boyfriend's house. The game is played on a field from an overhead perspective. Papri can move in any direction using the joystick. She must navigate around obstacles such as rocks and tree stumps and avoid dangerous bears. The playfield loops around horizontally. Flowers must be caught in full bloom. Catching flowers too early does not increase Papri's flower count. Flowers caught too late are wilted and ruin the bouquet, causing Papri to lose half of her flowers.

Papri must steer clear of the bears that wander the field. Bears change color when Papri comes near, indicating that they have become hostile and will chase Papri as long as she remains near. However, honey can be dropped with 1 or 2 in order to render the bear temporarily harmless. Papri starts the game with four jars of honey and gains another for each round she completes. Bees periodically fly by and occasionally drop bonus items for Papri, though these items disappear if a bear touches them.

Each round has a time limit, and Papri must finish before Minto reaches Cocco. She loses a heart if time runs out, if she is caught by a bear, or if she falls in water. Losing a heart also causes Papri to lose half of her flowers. The game ends if she loses all of her hearts.

Every two rounds, Papri competes in a bonus round where she has to jump as many bears as possible to get a good bonus score. Papri walks automatically and runs with Left and Right. She jumps with 1 or 2. She can jump farther if she is running when she jumps; the player cannot control her jump in the air. The player receives bonus points for each bear successfully jumped, with an additional bonus for completing the stage perfectly.

The game has no ending and continues indefinitely until the player loses or decides not to play anymore.


Girl's Garden, Animals.png
Girl's Garden, Animals.png
Bees fly around and sometimes drop items for Papri.
Girl's Garden, Animals.png
Girl's Garden, Animals.png
Bears roam the field and must be avoided. They change color and chase Papri when she comes near. Papri can drop a honeypot to distract them and render them temporarily harmless.


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Papri must collect 10 flowers in full bloom to complete each round. Collecting a wilted flower causes her to lose half of her bouquet.

Flowers have four different appearances, which cycle with each round.

Girl's Garden, Items.png
Grapes (ぶどう)
Awards 500 bonus points.
Girl's Garden, Items.png
Apple (りん ご)
Awards 1,500 bonus points.
Girl's Garden, Items.png
Cherries (さくらんぼ)
Awards 2,500 bonus points.
Girl's Garden, Items.png
Clock (時計)
Gives the player more time, moving Minto closer to Papri.
Girl's Garden, Items.png
Heart (ハート)
Gives Papri another heart.
Girl's Garden, Items.png
Skull (がいこつ)
Causes Papri to lose a heart and half of her bouquet.
Girl's Garden, Items.png
Bouquet (花束)
Gives Papri 5 more flowers.

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Girl's Garden

SG-1000, JP
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SG-1000, TW

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
CRC32 1898f274
MD5 ac95c0655360f667e3ad705e2eb7367a
SHA-1 0e08786587fb76909b3f9806ba1f5d57ea17728c
32kB Cartridge (JP)
CRC32 b9635ac4
MD5 83065f5045611f3d6d7b67382357dcc6
SHA-1 94089be091af476c5628225e0262396faa5394f1
32kB Cartridge (TW)


Girl's Garden

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