Girls Make the World Go 'Round: Sega Vocal Traxx

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GirlsMaketheWorldGoRound CD JP Box Front.jpg
Girls Make the World Go 'Round: Sega Vocal Traxx
Format(s): CD
Publisher: Wave Master
Record label: Wave Master Entertainment
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,286 (2,400)2,400i WWCE-31240

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Girls Make the World Go 'Round: Sega Vocal Traxx (ガールズ・メイク・ザ・ワールド・ゴー・ラウンド -セガ ヴォーカル・トラックス-) is a Japanese album containing music with female vocals. Most of the tracks are from Super Monkey Ball Athletic, though there are original works too.

Track list

Production credits

Label Staff
  • Sleeve Design: Kazunori Yusa from 495 Design Service
  • Translator: Takumi Otani
  • Mastering Engineer: Kazushi Kyogoku
  • Mastering Studio: Hitokuchi-zaka Studios inc.
  • Recording Coordinators: Kazuyuki Doki (Re-Birth)
  • Vocal Tracks Coordinator: Jun Senoue except 02, 04, 07, 11
  • Original music taken from Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll except 02, 04, 07, 11

Physical scans

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