Hanguk Pro Yagu 98

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Hanguk Pro Yagu 98
System(s): Sega Model 2A CRX
Publisher: AmuseWorld
Genre: Sports

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Model 2)
₩? ?

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Hanguk Pro Yagu 98 (한국프로야구98) is Korean version of Dynamite Baseball 97, localized by Deniam and released only in South Korea.

At the time of 1998, the names and player names of actual Korean professional baseball teams were localized, and even the audio of the player introductions was translated into Korean. Perfect localization of 2D data, 3D modeling and textures, voice Koreanization, and club license is the only game released as a Sega model board series board.



Eight teams are included in Hanguk Pro Yagu 98:

  • Hyundai Unicorns Hyundai Unicorns
  • Ssangbangbang Raiders Ssangbangbang Raiders
  • Hanwha Eagles Hanwha Eagles
  • Lotte Giants Lotte Giants
  • Samsung Lions Samsung Lions
  • OB Bears OB Bears
  • LG Twins LG Twins
  • Haitai Tigers Haitai Tigers

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