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Dynamite Baseball 97
System(s): Sega Model 2B CRX
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: Nippon Professional Baseball
Genre: Sports

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Model 2)
¥? ?

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Dynamite Baseball 97 (ダイナマイトベースボール97) is an arcade baseball game and sequel to Dynamite Baseball. It updates the game's roster to include data from 1997[2][3] and used a more advanced camera system[3]. It was released in South Korea as Hanguk Pro Yagu 98.



League Team Players
Central Yomiuri Giants Yomiuri Giants
Chunichi Dragons Chunichi Dragons
Hiroshima Toyo Carp Hiroshima Toyo Carp
Yakult Swallows Yakult Swallows
Yokohama BayStars Yokohama BayStars
Hanshin Tigers Hanshin Tigers
Pacific Orix BlueWave Orix BlueWave
Nippon-Ham Fighters Nippon-Ham Fighters
Seibu Lions Seibu Lions
Kintetsu Buffaloes Kintetsu Buffaloes
Chiba Lotte Marines Chiba Lotte Marines
Fukuoka Daiei Hawks Fukuoka Daiei Hawks


Teito Dome Stadium (帝都ドーム球場)
Domed stadium. Used by the Giants, Swallows, Fighters and Buffaloes.[4]
3rd Kitakyushu Dome Stadium (第3三北九州ドーム球場)
Open air stadium during the day. Used by the Dragons, BayStars, Marines and Hawks.[4]
Rokko Sanroku Stadium (六甲山麓球場)
Open air stadium at night. Used by the Tigers, Toyo Carp, Lions and BlueWave.[4]

Music and sound

Like the first Dynamite Baseball, the game was entirely scored by Masanori Takeuchi. It contains arrangements of 2 songs from previous Sega arcade games: the selection screen uses "A Huge Pile of Parts" from Turbo OutRun (itself an arrangement of the Shop theme from Fantasy Zone) and the staff roll uses the Penant Race theme from Super League.

Production credits

In-game credits[5]

Magazine articles

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