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For the Japanese company, see Climax Entertainment.

ClimaxStudios Logo.png
Founded: 1988[1]
Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

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Climax Studios Ltd is a British video game development company, founded in 1988[1] (as Climax Ltd), in Portsmouth[1], England, by British freelance video games programmer, Karl Jeffery (Karl Darren Jeffery) and has become one of the world's leading interactive software development companies.

In 1999 the company moved its headquarters to Fareham, acquired Pixel Planet[2] in Brighton in November of the same year, Syrox Developments[3] in Kingston upon Thames[1] in June 2001, and a studio founded by former staff of Charybdis[4] in Nottingham, merging them with Climax and forming the Climax Group.

In 2002, the company relocated to Gunwharf Quays, in Portsmouth and was renamed to Climax Solent[5] in 2003, forming shortly after, Climax LA[6] in Venice, Los Angeles California. In November 2004 the studio merged with Climax London and as renamed to Climax Action and four years later, in 2008 Climax Brighton and Climax London were closed. Climax Action as it was the only Climax studio remaining was rebranded to Climax Studios Ltd.


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