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Syrox Developments
Founded: 1993[1]
Merged into: Climax (Climax Group)
Kingston upon Thames[2], London, England, United Kingdom

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Syrox Developments was a video game development company founded in London, England in 1993 (as Psy-Rox[3][4]), by British software engineer, Dominic Wood (a former programmer at Probe Software).

Syrox Developments developed over 20 games for global publishers on a contract basis, developing major titles for Sega, Disney, Activision and Universal Studios Inc. and is known for developing one of SegaSoft's most innovating PC games, namely, Net Fighter (with Erik Wahlberg leadind the team of programmers as a producer[3]), a SegaSoft's online PC gaming system exclusive (which was a major success for SegaSoft), the first ever online beat 'em up made.

In June 2001[1] Syrox Developments was acquired by and merged into Climax (Climax Group).