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Net Fighter
System(s): Windows PC
Publisher: SegaSoft
Genre: Fighting

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC

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Net Fighter[1] is an online one-on-one fighting game developed by Syrox Developments (formerly known as Psy-Rox[2][3]) and published by SegaSoft exclusively on


"In the distant future, with little or no room to house the millions of criminals, Cyber-Prisons have replaced material prisons to save space in this crowded, high-tech world, and to reduce the number of potential prison escapees to zero. After being placed into a catatonic state and sealed in a cyber-chamber, a convict is transferred to a virtual city full of criminals of all kinds, forced to survive in the unforgiving environment created by the criminal populace. Within this virtual prison-city there are all kinds of legal and many illegal activities that are held there. One of these is the Net Fighter death-match tournament. In this tournament there are few rules, where only the strong survive, and only the strongest can hope to win.

Extensions of their real-life counterparts, the fighters may or may not be entirely like their physical beings. Some are real-life fighters or assassins, some have the heart of a warrior but lacked the physical ability in the real world. Their true beings manifest themselves in this cyber-prison, and the toughest become Net Fighters. In the real world they no longer exist, they are cyber-beings, but that is all they know. Even their memory is wiped, although there is a cult following that believes that the populace are mere pawns of some unseen force. In fact, they are."

Playable characters

Net Fighter Heat.Net Khan Sprite.png
Kahn is the strongest and most fierce of the Net Fighters, having come from a tribe of warriors in the desert Outlands. He is infused with the power of the deadly cyber-beast, having killed the creature with his bare hands. The tattoos he wears are made of the blood of the beast and his "hair" is actually interwoven links of chain-like fur imbedded in his skull with a pony-tail that ends with a huge razor-sharp claw taken from the beast. His fighting style is best defined as "Pit Fighting", a simple yet brutal blend of the most effective punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and head butts.

Kahn was banished from his tribe when he killed young woman Kahn was fond of. Although an outcast,Kahn fights to bring glory to his tribe, and to come back one day and become Chieftain.

Net Fighter Heat.Net Gemini7 Sprite.png
Gemini7, are the 7th and only surviving pair of dwarf clones in a special project known as the Gemini Experiment. The dwarf twins were bred to work as a team, and to become special infiltration weapons for a military operation. Having the amazing ability to manipulate energy around them, the dwarves could actually forge attacks and defenses from their own psychic energy. After discovering the deaths of the six clone-pairs before them, and how they were to be used, they escaped and found work in the Circus of Freaks, hiding their psychic powers. They performed well as an acrobatic team, but after a few years, the military discovered their whereabouts. The dwarves fled the circus and found temporary sanctuary in the Net Fighter tournaments, where they could more easily hide in the underworld of the fighting circuit
Net Fighter Ripper Sprite.png
Her face shrouded in the shadows of a crimson cowl, little is known about this latest entrant to the Net Fighter Tournament. All that is known is she has come to fight, and this shapely robot-warrior has torn through the competition with razor-sharp claws and lethal eye-blasts, leaving more than a few corpses in her wake. She fights in a style known as Kenpo, which incorporates quick, slashing hand strikes (perfect when combined with her vicious claws) and carefully aimed kicks.

The fighter with no name became known as Ripper, the name a fight fan coined after watching her disembowel an opponent. Her silent, predatory style alone is enough to make anyone uneasy. Ripper's "skin" has a smooth, metallic sheen, and she moves with the grace of a cat, causing others to speculate that she may not be a robot at all. No one has gotten close enough to find out...

Net Fighter Phreak Sprite.png
Phreak is a phone hacker, a kickboxer, a cyborg, a capoeira-stylist, and a musician. He is jovial and friendly, cunning and sharp, and one of the meanest fighters in the tournament. His unpredictability and wide-range of combat skills make him unorthodox, but effective. His technique is a free-style blend of several martial arts (kick boxing, capoeira, karate) as well as his moves of his own creation and abilities.

Phreak fights for fun, to test himself, and to inflict some pain along the way. The money isn't bad either, he feels.

Net Fighter Malice Sprite.png
Malice, A sadist, a masochist, and a witch, Malice is perhaps the most vicious fighter in the Net Fighter tournament. Although a "flesher", she makes up for her lack of cybernetic enhancement through her incredible tolerance to (or enjoyment of) pain. Further, with her acrobatic fighting style, Capoeira, her stick fighting skills, and her subtle magic abilities, she makes a versatile opponent. Blind at birth, this warrior has learned how to "sense" objects around her and fight with even more awareness than a sighted person. Her heightened senses only add to her enjoyment of hearing other's cries of pain. And, with her lightning-fast stick attacks, punishing head-butts, and razor-sharp boot tips, she is more than able to deliver the pain she loves to give.
Net Fighter Tetsuo Sprite.png
Tetsuo, The first "flesher" (pure human) to enter the tournament last year, Tetsuo did surprisingly well against the various cyborg and robot opponents, battling his way into the finals with a combination of solid fighting skills, ki-powers, and heart. In a dramatic final round against the mentalist/robot Psi-Rox, Tetsuo was badly beaten and had his arm ripped from its socket. If not for the intervention of Phreak, Tetsuo would have died. Phreak, who had extensive knowledge cybernetics, was able to fashion a robotic arm for Tetsuo, who in turn shared his knowledge of ki with Phreak. The two share a friendship to this day. Tetsuo, who fights using a combination of Karate, Thai-Kickboxing, and Tae Kwon Do, seeks revenge against Psi-Rox, and if the two meet again, he may get his chance...
Net Fighter Krystal Sprite.png
Krystal, No one knows her true identity, not even the fighter herself. She awoke in an alleyway without a memory, but soon discovered a bit of her past when a gang of thugs accosted her. Before the woman even new what happened, she unleashed a series of viscous kicks at her attackers, breaking the knees of two and decapitating the third with a bladed wrist weapon she hadn't noticed earlier. Was she a an assassin, a government agent, a Net Fighter? She was determined to find out. A scientist later found a computer crystal in her brain, which was assumed to enhance her fighting abilities. The crystal was partially burnt out and appeared to be related to her amnesia, but still there were more questions than answers. Adopting the name Krystal because of the item in her head, she set continued to search for answers fighting in the high-class Net Fighter tournaments to pay her expenses. Krystal fights with almost inhuman speed, and has perhaps the deadliest kicks of any fighter with her flashy Tae Kwon Do fighting style. With bladed, laser powered wrist bands and anklets, she offers a high-tech threat as well. Her lack of memory is a constant anguish for her, but when she steps in the arena she knows exactly what she is. Dangerous.
Psi-Rox is a killing machine, a robotic body with a psychic brain in the head of the thing. He is the winner of the past two tournaments, and has maimed or killed every one of his opponents so far. His super-tough frame and psychic mind-blasts make him almost unstoppable. Psi-Rox fights in an acrobatic blend of Aikijutsu and Tae Kwon Do. He is a megalomaniac who wishes to extend his reign to become the crime lord of the city. Enslaving the populace with his power and with his mind.

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