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For the Wii and Nintendo DS games, see Jambo! Safari: Animal Rescue.


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Jambo! Safari
System(s): Sega NAOMI
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Driving

Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (NAOMI)
¥? 840-0013C
Arcade (NAOMI)
£? 840-0013C

Jambo! Safari (ジャンボサファリ) is a driving adventure game developed by Sega AM3/Sega Software R&D Dept. 3 and published by Sega for the Sega NAOMI arcade system in 1999.

Although Jambo! Safari was released on the Dreamcast-based NAOMI hardware, it was never released for the Dreamcast itself. The Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK) reported that it would be released as part of a compilation with Brave Firefighters and Emergency Call Ambulance, but no such compilation materialised.


In Jambo! Safari, players take the role of a park ranger studying wildlife. In order to research animals, the player must drive a jeep through the Serengeti and capture several different species of animals by using the gear shift lever to launch a lasso. When an animal is lassoed, the player must carefully "reel in" the animal, being careful not to break the rope.



An updated version of the game was brought to the Wii and Nintendo DS ten years later by Full Fat Productions as Jambo! Safari: Animal Rescue.

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Wiring diagram
NAOMI, US (2002)
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Standard Upright
990.6 mm (39")
1.651 m (65")
2.032 m (80")

762 mm (30")
1.803 m (71")
1.6 m (63")

Mass: 249 kg (550 lbs) Mass: 118 kg (260 lbs)


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