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Mamoru Sugihara
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer

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Mamoru Sugihara (杉原 守), also known as eB (the name appears in the high score table of Cosmic Smash, was a programmer at Sega. His spark to become a programmer came in junior high school when he bought a book of MSX programs and was fascinated by the idea of being to play games by inputting the given type-in programs. He didn't own an MSX at the time, instead having to fantasize about the games written about, but bought a second-hand MSX2 using New Year's money and gradually learned to program with it.[1]

He holds the honor of writing the final ever entry of the Hito Maker column on the Hitmaker homepage, in which he deduced whether or not he could be considered a samurai.[2]

Sugihara enjoys jelly drinks, and his hobbies include playing games, skateboarding and reading comic books.[1]

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