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Masaki Kondoh
Employment history:
Role(s): Artist, designer

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Masaki Kondoh (近藤 正樹) is an artist and designer at SEGA, famous for creating the character Opa-Opa.[3] Opa-Opa's game of origin, Fantasy Zone, was Kondoh's first project.[1]

More often, Kondoh worked as a chief background artist, starting with SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative and Galaxy Force. He was the first credited graphic designer on nearly all of his works after this, the only known exception being Sega Water Ski.

He went by the alias 8940 Kon in SDI, Galaxy Force and Super Monaco GP. The latter two of these also include a reference to 8940 in their preset high score tables alongside entries by Kon.

He reached retirement age in 2019, the same year Sega Ages Fantasy Zone was released on the Nintendo Switch.[3]

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