Miki Morimoto

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Miki Morimoto
Employment history:
Role(s): Director, Designer, Tester

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Miki Morimoto (森本 三樹), also known by the alias Gamer Miki, is a Japanese businesswoman and former Sega of Japan game designer, director, and tester. She was primarily involved with the writing and director RPGs, eventually becoming a member of the RPG-focused Sega Falcom.[4]

Morimoto also had a large presence outside of game development, being a prominent writer for the Sega Players Enjoy Club newsletter from inception to cancellation, and in 1995 became involved with marketing and public relations.

Miki Morimoto is considered one of the "3 Sega Girls", alongwith Takako Kawaguchi and Chieko Aoki, all of them very well known among hardcore Japanese Sega fans in the 80's.[5]

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