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Mindscape logo 2004.png
Founded: 1983
T-series code: T-87, T-158
Merged into: The Software Toolworks (1990), Pearson, plc (1994), The Learning Company (1998), Mattel (1999), Gore Technology Group (2000)
Paris, France

Mindscape SA is a video game development and publishing company.


The original Mindscape Inc. was founded by Roger M. Buoy former vice president of Scholastic, Inc. in 1983. It was located in the US, in Northbrook, Illinois, and enjoyed several years of success publishing titles for home computer platforms. It acquired Scarborough Systems, Learning Well, and CBS Interactive Learning during the 1980s.

In March 1990 Mindscape was acquired by The Software Toolworks, moving the studio to California for an estimated $40 million USD. The acquisition allowed The Software Toolworks to make use of Mindscape's license to produce NES games. Roger Buoy remained on board but stepped down from management in 1992.

On April 11, 1994 The Software Toolworks were acquired by London-based media group Pearson, plc for a reported $500 million USD. Peason ditched the Software Toolworks brand, grouping both companies under the name Mindscape Inc. With Peason plc in charge, Mindscape Inc. acquired Strategic Simulations (which operated as a subsidiary) and MicroMagic.

At this point Mindscape Inc. had branches all over the world, and were one of the biggest video game publishers.

In April 1998 Mindscape were acquired yet again by The Learning Company. They would then be sold to Mattel along with The Learning Company in 1999 and then sold again to the Gore Technology Group in 2000. Most Mindscape divisions remained in-tact, apart from the California branch which became an office for TLC.

In 2001, Frenchman Jean-Pierre Nordman, formerly managing director of TLC's international division TLC Edusoft came forth and acquired all of the Mindscape subsidiaries from the Gore Technology Group. The resulting company was renamed Mindscape SA, and now operates from Paris, France.