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OutRun 2 SP SDX
System(s): Sega Lindbergh
Publisher: Sega
Supporting companies:
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Lindbergh)
¥? ?
Arcade (Lindbergh)
$? ?
Arcade (Lindbergh)
£? ?

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OutRun 2 SP SDX (アウトラン2 SP SDX) or OutRun 2 Special Tours Super Deluxe (アウトラン2 スペシャル ツアーズ スーパーデラックス) is 2006 arcade racing game created by Sega. Originally announced at Sega Private Show Summer 2006, it is an update to 2004's OutRun 2 SP, in turn an update to the 2003 game, OutRun 2.

Strictly speaking there are two configurations of this game; Super Deluxe/SDX (スーパーデラックス), which consists of a "four car" cabinet, and Deluxe/DX (デラックス) which only has two. It is also possible to run the game in a "three car" configuration, but this was not advertised by Sega. Other than the physical size of the cabinet and supported players, DX and SDX are the same.


OutRun 2 SP SDX follows a tradition of Sega introducing larger versions of their arcade racing games for certain venues, a practise that can be dated back to Virtua Formula in 1993. This version of OutRun 2 SP runs on Sega Lindbergh hardware, and makes use of large moving cockpits designed to resemble cars by Ferrari (the F50 (red), Dino 246GTS (yellow), 360 Spider (blue) and 512 BB (silver)), which tilt with the on-screen action. All four cars are selectable in-game, but players are not forced to use them.

Each cockpit also includes two steering wheels, allowing for cooperative play, in which two players sitting next to each other take turns driving with their own set of controls. The cabinets also feature cameras which monitor players and a live leaderboard so guests can see the results from behind.

Content-wise OutRun 2 SP SDX is otherwise a match for OutRun 2 SP, to the point where they are often classified as the same game.

Production credits

SDX/DX.ver Staff
  • Producer: Koichi Watanabe
  • Director: Wataru Fujimoto
  • Planner: Tomohiro Yoshida
  • Programmer: Kazuyoshi Inoue, Yozo Iwamoto, Kuniharu Kobayashi, Tominobu Kaieda, Takahiro Ushiroda, Koji Saito, Yasuyuki Wada, Kazuaki Natsui
  • Sound: Masayuki Maruyama
  • Designer: Atsuki Nakazato, Aya Nagakubo
Original Staff
In-game credits [1]

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Promotional material

OutRun2SPSDX Lindbergh US Flyer.pdf

US flyer
OutRun2SPSDX Lindbergh US Flyer.pdf


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Lindbergh, JP
Lindbergh, US
Lindbergh, EU


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