Phantom Gear

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Phantom Gear
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Mega Cat Studios
Genre: Platformer/Action

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
(Kickstarter; cart only)
Sega Mega Drive
(Kickstarter; ROM only)
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
(Cart only)

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Phantom Gear is a platform action game for the Sega Mega Drive developed by Bits Rule Games. It was announced on Kickstarter in 2019, and reached its funding goal on 2 August 2019.[3]


In an expedition to the ruins of a forgotten civilization, Dr. Valentine and Engineer Agnis discover an Ancient Artifact that is the container of great source of energy. Thanks to this discovery, Valentine And Agnis used the Artifact to create new technologies to improve humanity.

But a Phantom from the past started to move again and generate chaos in the World. From this chaos came a faction that wanted to weaponize the Artifact - the Ocular Force.

In one of their attacks on the laboratory of Valentine and Agnis, Ocular Force succeed in stealing a small piece of the Artifact. Unfortunately, in that attack Agnis also lost her life, leaving her daughter Josephine alone in the world.

Valentine decided to adopt the daughter of her friend and complete the work of Agnis - a set of combat armor for Josephine, so she could defend herself, and the future![1]


Phantom Gear mixes elements from a variety of classic action platformers for a unique and exciting package, and allows players to approach the game how they see fit. Lock ‘n’ load to power through levels, or use your skills and abilities to search for Gears and Orbs.

  • Improve your platforming skills with new abilities like wall climbing, dashing, and double jumping!
  • Explore sprawling levels for secrets and treasures!
  • Blast your way through frenetic combat!
  • Spend your hard-earned gears on permanent upgrades!
  • Gear up with multiple weapons, each with two modes of fire!
  • Enjoy the awesome story through animated cutscenes!

Physical scans

Mega Drive, World (Red)

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