Prime Time NFL Football Starring Deion Sanders (Saturn)

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Prime Time NFL Football
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: NFL Properties, National Football League Players Association
Planned release date(s): Autumn 1995[1], Winter 1995, 1996-03[2], 1996-11[3]
Genre: Sports
Number of players: 1-8[3]

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The Sega Saturn version of Prime Time NFL Football Starring Deion Sanders is an unreleased American football game once set for release in the autumn (later winter) of 1995. Announced as NFL '96 (and advertised under both names on early North American console boxes), it was delayed a year[3] until winter 1996 before being cancelled[4] some time earlier in the year. The Sega Mega Drive version released on-time, while a Sega 32X game with the same name (thought to be more closely aligned with the Mega Drive) was also cancelled.

The Saturn Prime Time NFL Football would have debuted alongside other Sega Sports offerings; NBA Action, NHL All-Star Hockey and World Series Baseball, with 2D player sprites moving on a real-time 3D rendered field. It is also listed as being compatible with the Saturn 6 Player Adaptor on the peripheral's North American box, reportedly for up to eight players[3]. It would have sold at $69.99 in the US[4].

While Sega were unable to get an American football game on store shelves for the 1995 holiday season, it managed the following year with NFL '97, choosing to re-brand a game by Padded Cell Studios rather than develop one internally. It is not known if a release outside of North America was ever planned.

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