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Prince of Persia
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Publisher: Sega (US, Europe), Victor Musical Industries (Japan)
Original system(s): Apple II
Genre: Action[1][2]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
¥7,800 (8,034)7,800e[3] T-60014
Sega Mega-CD
Sega Mega-CD
Sega Mega-CD
DM 99.0099.00[10] 4652
Sega Mega-CD
Sega Mega-CD
£39.9939.99[7][8] 4652
Sega Mega-CD
Sega Mega-CD

Prince of Persia (プリンス・オブ・ペルシャ) is a Sega Mega-CD cinematic platform game developed by Bits Laboratory. Published in Japan by Victor Musical Industries in August 1992, it was later published in the United States by Sega in November 1992, and in Europe by Sega the following year.

The game is a port of the 1989 Brøderbund Software game Prince of Persia, originally released for the Apple II, and features voice-acted cutscenes and the ability to save the player's progress.


Prince of Persia CD, Introduction.png


The game is set in medieval Persia. While the good sultan is fighting a war in a foreign land, his vizier Jaffar, a wizard, seizes power. His only obstacle to the throne is the Sultan's daughter. Jaffar locks her in a tower and orders her to become his wife, or she would die within an hour. The game's unnamed protagonist, whom the Princess loves, is taken prisoner and thrown into the palace dungeons. In order to free her, he must escape the dungeons, get to the palace tower and defeat Jaffar before time runs out. In addition to guards, various traps and dungeons, the protagonist is further hindered by his own doppelgänger, conjured out of a magic mirror.


The game is a cinematic platformer, distinguished by the fluid, lifelike movements and relatively realistic physical limitations of its protagonist, the eponymous prince. Levels are composed of multiple screens with no scrolling in which the prince can move both horizontally and vertically. Gameplay requires problem solving and trial and error to overcome each obstacle. The objective is to lead the prince out of the dungeons and into a tower before time runs out. To do this, the prince must bypass many traps and fight hostile swordsmen. The game consists of twelve levels, which the player has 60 minutes to complete. In each level, the prince must find the door that leads to the next level and figure out how to open it.

The prince walks or turns around with Left or Right. He can tiptoe to step more carefully or position himself more precisely by holding A or C while moving. He can tiptoe safely through spike traps. He crouches with Down and jumps with B or Up. He leaps across a wide area if he jumps while running, which can be used to traverse gaps. The player must press B a couple of steps before the edge to make the leap without running off the platform. When standing next to a ledge above him, he can jump and grab onto the ledge by holding B or Up. If the ledge is below him, he can hang off of it by holding Down when facing away from it. He can also grab ledges that he leaps onto from a running start by holding A or C. He picks up items with A or C and enters doorways with Up.

The prince finds a scimitar in the dungeon, which he pulls out automatically when he encounters a swordsman. The player can manually retract his sword with Down and pull it back out with A or C. While fighting, the prince attacks with A or C and parries enemy attacks with B. The health points of enemy swordsmen are depicted by potions. They lose a health point when they are attacked and die when they lose all of their health or if they are pushed into traps. The prince cannot proceed past a swordsman until he is defeated. If a swordsman parries an attack, he is knocked back slightly, which can be used to push enemies off a ledge or into a trap (but an enemy swordsman can likewise do the same to the prince).

The prince likewise has his health points indicated by potions, initially three. Each time he is damaged (being cut by a sword, falling from farther than one floor, or being hit by falling debris), he loses a health point. The prince can find potions in the dungeon that restore or cost health. There are also special potions that permanently increase his maximum health. The prince dies if he loses all of his health points, restarting from the beginning of the current level. The prince is killed instantly by some traps (spike traps and guillotines), by high falls, and by being attacked by a swordsman before he has his weapon out. While the prince has unlimited lives, the time limit continues to tick down for failed attempts, so the player eventually runs out of time to save the princess if not successful. The player is reminded of the time remaining at the start of each level and every five minutes.

Some floor tiles act as switches and open or close gates or toggle traps. Standing on the tile activates the switch. Some ceiling tiles are loose and can be knocked down by jumping at them.

The player can open a menu by pausing the game with  START  to save the game at any screen, change the speed of the prince's movement or attack, restart the level (without gaining any time back), or end the game. The game also saves the fastest times for completing each level. The player can enter a name, which is used for saving the game and storing the fastest times.


Prince of Persia CD, Items.png
Healing Potion
Heals the prince and restores one of his health points.
Prince of Persia CD, Items.png
Poison Potion
Poisons the prince and costs one of his health points.
Prince of Persia CD, Items.png
Life Potion
Permanently gives the prince another health point and restores all of his lost health points. The extra health point is lost if the prince dies before completing the level, unless the potion is collected again.
Prince of Persia CD, Items.png
Featherfall Potion
Allows the prince to float down from a high fall without being harmed.
Prince of Persia CD, Items.png
Gives the prince a sword to use. Found in the first level.


Prince of Persia CD, Stage 1.png

Level 1
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 2.png

Level 2
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 3.png

Level 3
Map: 1️⃣ 
The skeletal swordsmen cannot be killed with the prince's sword but must be pushed into pits.

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 4.png

Level 4
Map: 1️⃣ 
The prince must leap through a magic mirror, which creates his doppelgänger on the other side and drains his health to one point.

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 5.png

Level 5
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 6.png

Level 6
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 7.png

Level 7
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 8.png

Level 8
Map: 1️⃣ 
The prince becomes trapped behind a closed gate near the end of this level, but a white mouse opens it from the other side. It is revealed that the princess sent the mouse.

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 9.png

Level 9
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 10.png

Level 10
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 11.png

Level 11
Map: 1️⃣ 

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-1.png

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-2.png

  • Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-1.png

  • Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-2.png

Level 12
Map: 1️⃣ 
The prince faces his shadow doppelgänger. Injuring the doppelgänger injures the prince as well. To defeat him, the prince must sheathe his sword and merge back into him.

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-3.png

Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-4.png

  • Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-3.png

  • Prince of Persia CD, Stage 12-4.png

Level 13
Map: 1️⃣ 
The prince battles Jaffar.


The Mega-CD port of Prince of Persia was developed by Bits Laboratory, and it is based on previous ports of the game by Riverhillsoft to the PC-9801, X68000, PC Engine, and FM Towns. All of these versions were developed by Japanese teams and have similar graphical assets, with more detailed sprites and backgrounds than previous ports and anime-influenced character art. These were the first versions of the game to depict the prince wearing white pants with a differently colored vest and turban, which would become his signature outfit (previous versions, including the original Apple II game, depicted him wearing all white, with a shirt instead of a vest and no headgear). These versions have an additional final fight with Jaffar, set outdoors on a palace terrace, and share the same Red Book audio soundtrack. The Mega-CD port adds a voiceover to the introduction.

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Prince of Persia (Mega-CD)

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Prince of Persia (Mega-CD)

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