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Randel Reiss
Place of birth: United States
Employment history:
Electronic Arts[1] (1985-01 – 1987-12)
Apple[1] (1988-01 – 1988-12)
Technopop[1] (1990-10 – 1999)
Electronic Arts[1] (2003 – 2003)
The 3DO Company[1] (2003-12 – 2004-01)
Blue Shift[1] (2007-03 – 2009-11)
Gearbox Software[1] (2022-05 – 2022-07)
Role(s): Software Engineer[1], Producer[1], Executive[1]
Education: Northeastern University (1983-1985; Computer Science, incomplete)[2], College of San Mateo (1997-2000; Certification, Administration of Justice)[2], Cañada College (2001-2005; Certification, Paralegal)[2]

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Randel Reiss is an American software engineer and founder of Technopop[1], most known for his work in assisting Sega of America in creating a majority of the Mega Drive's early Western development tools (such as the widely-used GEMS sound driver).


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