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Renovation Products
Founded: 1989
Defunct: 1993
Merged into: Sega (1993)
987 University Avenue, #10, Los Gatos, California, United States[1][2]

Renovation Products was Telenet Japan's US publisher of Sega Mega Drive games, publishing both Telenet's own games and several non-Telenet Japan titles. When Telenet stopped developing on Sega's systems in 1993, Sega acquired the studio (though not before publishing a single SNES game, Telenet's Doomsday Warrior) and they promptly disappeared.


Very few of Renovation's games were released in Europe, however a deal was at one point struck with Ubisoft for distribution in that region[3], which was subsequently challenged by Sega for undisclosed reasons[4]. No games were officially released, however, and Ubisoft themselves did not publish a game for Mega Drive hardware until Street Racer in 1995.

President Hideaki Irie would later become COO of Sega of America[5][6].

Gaiares advertising campaign

Main article: Jamie Bunker.

In 1990, Renovation Products selected one of their game testers, Jamie Bunker, to be the spokesperson for the upcoming Sega Mega Drive game Gaiares' advertising campaign.[7] Bunker posed with the game's United States release in a series of three advertisements, with each labeling the seventeen-year old spokesman a "professional gamer". Contrasting with the often juvenile and exaggerative statements of other game advertisements of the day, Renovation Products' advertisements simply featured a visibly genuine Bunker presenting the game with a recommendation of its quality, and has become one of the Mega Drive era's most fondly-remembered advertising campaigns.