Rock 'n' Sonic The Hedgehog: Sessions!

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Rock 'n' Sonic The Hedgehog: Sessions!
Format(s): CD, Digital
Publisher: Wave Master
Record label: Wave Master Entertainment
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥1,8001,800 WWCE-31500

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Track list

1. Sonic Adventure Music Experience feat. Lyn Inaizumi — Escape From The City - Funk RMX (3:51) 
From: Sonic Adventure 2
2. Crush 40 — Live & Learn - Acoustic Version (5:22) 
From: Sonic Adventure 2
3. Tyler Smyth, Andy Bane & Jun Senoue — Fist Bump - Edgy RMX (4:51) 
From: Sonic Forces
4. Sonic Adventure Music Experience feat. Lyn Inaizumi — Continue - 30th Sessions Version (1:49) 
From: Sonic & Knuckles
5. Sonic Adventure Music Experience — Beyond The Speed Of... Remix (2:39) 
From: Sonic Runners
6. Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue — Welcome To The Station Square Remix (3:10) 
From: Sonic Adventure
7. Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue — Can You Feel The Sunshine? Re-Imagined (3:59) 
From: Sonic R
8. Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue — Splash Hill Zone Medley (4:29) 
From: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I
9. Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue — Under Ground Zone Re-Imagined (3:45) 
From: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit)
Running time: 33:55

Production credits

  • Mastered by: Isao Kikuchi at Warner Music Mastering, Tokyo, Japan
  • Design: Gulch Graphics
  • Illustration: Yuji Uekawa (SEGA)
Label Staff
Sega Staff
  • Session Coordinators: Tomomi Kagaya (MT Globe, inc.), Noriko Sekiya (Face Music)
  • Recording & Mixing Engineers: Masahiro Fukuhara, Yoshitada Miya, Tyler Smyth, Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue