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Rough Racer
System(s): Sega System 24
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-4
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Arcade (System 24)
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Rough Racer (ラフレーサー) is an arcade game released by Sega for Sega System 24 hardware in 1990. It is a top-down driving game in which players race around a track. Wheel and shield upgrades can be purchased with the players' winnings, as can nitro boosters.

The game is similar to Atari's Sprint series, but more colorful. Like racing games in the 1980s such as Hot Rod - another fellow System 24 game and Power Drift (released in 1988), the goal is to finish 3rd or better. While racing, an enemy (known as "Bandit Racers") is added to try to hinder the performance of the four racers (sometimes disguised as road equipment). Running into them and forcing them to crash with your nitrous oxide will cause them to drop coins, which can be used to purchase upgrades for your car. Destroying shortcut bricks near pavement signs that read "BREAK!!" with nitrous oxide will drop coins as well. There are 10 tracks in the game, each with their own theme. The player has the option of continuing if he or she finishes in last place, which is fourth.



RoughRacer Stage1.png

Stage 1: Training
Bandit Racer: Oil Man
Themed around the Flag of the United States. Includes references to Rough Race and Sega Enterprises.

RoughRacer Stage2.png

Stage 2: Sea Side No.1
Bandit Racer: Mr. Roller
Also called Sega Beach in the background art.

RoughRacer Stage3.png

Stage 3: Winter No.1
Bandit Racer: Road Kids
Themed around Christmas. Includes Sega references with Sega Shop and "Happy Christmas, Sega".

RoughRacer Stage4.png

Stage 4: Sea Side No.2
Bandit Racer: Dynamite Jack
Includes references to Sega, S.S.T.Band, Super Monaco and R&D1.

RoughRacer Stage5.png

Stage 5: Carnival
Bandit Racer: Mixer Itoh
Includes references to Super Masters!, Tsuda Man, Sega and Sega GP.

RoughRacer Stage6.png

Stage 6: Amusement Park
Bandit Racer: Pink Bullet
Includes references Sega with "Welcome to Sega" and Sega Amusements.

RoughRacer Stage7.png

Stage 7: Sega Circuit No.1
Bandit Racer: Grace Rose
Includes references to Team Flicky, Ayrton Senna, Sega and OutRun!.

RoughRacer Stage8.png

Stage 8: Japan
Bandit Racer: Oil Man
Takes place in Fujiyama, Japan. Includes a reference to Sega Vision.

RoughRacer Stage9.png

Stage 9: Winter No.2
Bandit Racer: Road Kids
Includes a billboard reference to Rough Racer, and there are ice sculptures of a Chicken Leg from Altered Beast and Golden Axe, and of the Sega logo.

RoughRacer Stage10.png

Stage 10: Sega Circuit No.2
Bandit Racer: Mixer Itoh
Includes references to Cyber Police ESWAT, Sega System 24 Hot-Rod and Sega 1990.

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