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Sega Arena (セガ アリーナ) is a small chain of game centres and entertainment venues in Japan (and formerly Taiwan) created by Sega.

First appearing in early 1997 alongside the Club Sega venues with Sega Arena Padou, Sega Arenas are intermediate-sized facilities, usually larger than the standard Sega World game centers, but smaller than flagship indoor theme parks like Joypolis. They were designed to target a broad range of customers by partnering with restaurants, shops, and other entertainment facilities to provide a single family-friendly complex.

Similar to the Club Sega venues, the contents of a Sega Arena appear to have never been consistent outside of elaborate décor and coin-operated arcade machines. Some, like Sega Arena Nakama, have operated Mid-size attractions within them, whilst Sega Arena Soga and others have been centered around specific themes (Soga's being Crazy Taxi).

New venues under the name stopped opening after the mid 2000s, and few remain in operation.




Sega Arena venues
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