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Sega Power Cuts 1 is an album containing music from a number of games, including Bug!, Cyber Speedway, Eternal Champions, Ecco the Dolphin, Ghen War, Panzer Dragoon, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Wild Woody and Vectorman.

Track list

1. bygone dogs — Dayglo Blues (3:28) 
From: Cyber Speedway
2. bygone dogs — Tabatha (4:51) 
From: Cyber Speedway
3. Ron Thal — Mechanical World, Act I (2:02) 
From: Wild Woody
4. Ron Thal — Bring it Back (2:14) 
From: Wild Woody
5. Jon Holland — Nocturnicular (2:25) 
From: Vectorman
6. Jon Holland — Vectorman Theme (4:03) 
From: Vectorman
7. Brian Coburn — Evil Things (2:28) 
From: Ghen War
8. Brian Coburn — Burn (3:39) 
From: Ghen War
9. Tristan des Pres — Ramses' Theme (1:35) 
From: Eternal Champions
10. Tristan des Pres — Midknight's Theme (1:47) 
From: Eternal Champions
11. AZUMA — Invasion of the Empire Army (3:12) 
From: Panzer Dragoon
12. AZUMA — Sadness of Ghost Weapon (3:51) 
From: Panzer Dragoon
13. Spencer Nilsen & Gary Cirimelli — St. Gabriel's Mask/Vocal Remix (4:32) 
From: Ecco: The Tides of Time
15. Greg Turner — Bug Bop! (1:33) 
From: Bug!
Running time: 44:50

Production credits

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Physical scans

SegaPowerCuts1 Music US Box Back.jpgSegaPowerCuts1 Music US Box Front.jpg
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SegaPowerCuts1 CD JP Booklet.pdf

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