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  • Windows PC
  • Dreamcast
  • Palm OS
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Sega Swirl
System(s): Windows PC, Sega Dreamcast, Palm OS
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC
Shockwave/Adobe Director
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast
Palm OS
$9.99 ?

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Sega Swirl is a puzzle game developed by Tremor Entertainment and published by Sega.


It was originally released for Windows-based PCs (both as a standalone Windows program as well as a web version running through Macromedia/Adobe Shockwave) but saw the most success as an updated Sega Dreamcast title. It was also brought to Palm OS. Sega Swirl is essentially a glorified version of SameGame (pronounced Sah-meh-gah-meh), a tile-removal game that has been mimicked numerous times. It is the creation of Scott Hawkins.

The game is an oddball in the Dreamcast's library as it was not released commercially. Instead, it was bundled with copies of the Official Dreamcast Magazine in the UK and US, with the Web Browser 2.0 software, with Sega Smash Pack Volume 1, and for a period, with new Dreamcast consoles (as part of the Web Browser 2.0 software included with them). The Dreamcast version has a real-time splitscreen versus mode (in which, if any player clears all swirls of one color in his screen, the color gets removed for everyone else), however both the Dreamcast and PC versions allow two players to compete via email. As a result, it is possible for PC players to play against Dreamcast users.

The PC version uses more simplified graphics, lacks Swirly the Snake (outside of a wallpaper included with the game in certain versions), different sounds, no music and also takes control of the mouse in certain situations such as the attract mode, the versus mode with computer controlled opponents, and during Swirl Email/email challenges when the other player moves are shown.

Sega Swirl was later followed by the PC-only, GameTap exclusive Sega Swirl 2.


Version history

System Version Size Date Comment Ref Icon
Windows PC
Download.svg (info) (2.56 MB)
Windows PC
Download.svg (info) (2.67 MB)
Windows PC
Download.svg (info) (2.67 MB)
Windows PC
Download.svg (info) (2.64 MB)
Shockwave/Adobe Director
Download.svg (info) (617 kB)
Palm OS
Download.svg (info) (8 kB)

Magazine articles

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Sega Swirl

Palm OS version

Palm OS, US?
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Technical information

VMU Features

The Dreamcast version of Sega Swirl allows to save high scores on the VMU.

Sega Swirl Save Data
Name File Name Comment File Size Icon
SWIRL_HS.SYS swirl hi-scores 4 blocks Swirl vmu.png

Technical information

ROM dump status

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