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Spider-Man: Web of Fire
System(s): Sega 32X
Publisher: Sega
Licensor: Marvel Characters
Sound driver: 32X standard U
Peripherals supported: Six Button Control Pad
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega 32X
$69.9969.99[2] 84517
ESRB: Kids to Adults

Spider-Man: Web of Fire is an action game developed by BlueSky Software and published by Sega for the Sega 32X.


SpiderManWebofFire Story.png

Web of Fire's story is told through headlines from the Daily Bugle in between stages

According to the Daily Bugle, the terrorist organization known as HYDRA has placed generators throughout Manhattan creating a web of lasers above the city. The city has fallen into total chaos and an evacuation has been called. Meanwhile HYDRA sets a ransom of one billion dollars for the city and sends out The Enforcers into the city and managed to captured Daredevil. Spider-Man swings into action to save his city and rescue Daredevil from HYDRA and his army of henchmen.


The goal of Web of Fire is to reach the end of the level. As the game progresses, the levels get longer and broken up into multiple stages with more traps and complicated paths. At the end of each stage is a boss fight and a generator that Spider-Man has to defeat and destroy. Like most action games, Spider-Man can jump and attack as well as use his signature web shooter for additional abilities. Spider-Man also has a red health bar and a blue web bar that's consumed whenever he uses any of his web abilities. Both can be refilled with recovery items found throughout the level, but they do not refill when a level is completed. The bars only refill when the player loses a life by being killed by a trap or enemy (pitfall deaths do not count against the player).

Spider-Man can perform a three hit combo that can take out most weaker enemies, as well as a powerful running kick and a jump kick. His web shot can be shot in four directions and can stun enemies while also destroying some of the smaller weaker robots with one shot. By pressing the jump button again while in the air, Spider-Man can perform a web swing and travel across the stages faster. Depending on the length of the web, Spider-Man can travel great distances quickly. If the player times a jump at the end of the swing, Spider-Man can also gain greater height than he would with a regular jump. Along with web swinging and web shooting, Spider-Man can crawl on walls and ceilings as well as floors to avoid projectiles. He can also punch down to destroy weak floors. After Spider-Man rescues Daredevil, he can be summoned via the pause menu to initiate an attack that damages all enemies on screen as long as Spider-Man has a stock of Daredevil tokens found throughout the level.


SpiderManWebofFire Level1.png

Level 1: New York City
Spider-Man swings from the city's rooftops taking down HYDRA Henchmen and coming face to face with The Dragonman.

SpiderManWebofFire Level2.png

Level 2: Power Plant
Following a news tip, Spider-Man heads off to The power plant to short circuit The Eel and a second generator.

SpiderManWebofFire Level3-1.png

Level 3-1: George Washington Bridge
Spider-Man takes on HYDRA head on in between the car wreckage on the bridge.

SpiderManWebofFire Level3-2.png

Level 3-2: Burning Oil Refinery
Spider-Man tracks down the last generator being safely guarded by Thermite.

SpiderManWebofFire Level4.png

Level 4: HYDRA Ship
With the generators destroyed and the web of fire gone, Spider-Man boards a retreating HYDRA ship and takes the fight to their home base.

SpiderManWebofFire Level5-1.png

Level 5-1: HYDRA Entrance
The HYDRA ship leads Spider-Man into the entrance of their fortress.

SpiderManWebofFire Level5-2.png

Level 5-2: HYDRA Fortress
Spider-Man takes HYDRA's forces head on in a final showdown.

SpiderManWebofFire Level5-3.png

Level 5-3: Escape
HYDRA may have been defeated, but it plans to take Spider-Man down with it.

Production credits

In-game credits
Spider-Man 32X credits.pdf

  • Marketing Manager: Earl Malit
  • Manual Writer: Curtis Clarkson
  • Manual Designer: Steve Cambouris
  • Testers: Joe Cecchin, Ovonji Powell, Donovan Soto, Mark Lerma, Phil Gamble, AJ Nollwy, Chris Johnson, Dave Dodge, Victor Quimson, Polly Villatuya, Tim Hess
BlueSky Software
US manual

Magazine articles

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Spider-Man: Web of Fire

32X, US
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Technical information

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Spider-Man: Web of Fire

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