Takayuki Haneda

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Takayuki Haneda
Employment history:
Role(s): Director, Programmer

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Takayuki Haneda (羽田 隆之), also known as Shinjuku Jacky (新宿ジャッキー)[1], is a renowned Japanese fighting game competitor and former Weekly Famitsu editor. He was offered by Yu Suzuki to become a supervise the battle system for Shenmue (he declined to return for Shenmue II[1]). He later became a full-time employee of Sega, where he worked as a game designer on Virtua Fighter 5'[1]. He then worked on an original project for the company, but the game was cancelled, and he decided to quit Sega thereafter and later joined Syn Sophia[1].

Decided that his previous jobs as magazine editor and game developer were too physically dull for 15 years, he changed careers to become a delivery worker[1].

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