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Production credits

In-game credits (Japanese version only)
Revenge of Shinobi MD credits.pdf


Takashi Yuda (Thomas Yuuda)

  • Created background art for Round 5-2, signing it with the name YU DA.[2][3]
  • Created background art for Round 5 Boss, signing it with the name YUDA.[3]
  • Created background art for Round 7-2, signing it with the name YU01DA.[4]

Music credits

Name Description Credits Used Comments
The Shinobi Round 1 Yes
Terrible Beat Boss Yes
Round Clear Yes
Make Me Dance Round 2-2 Yes
Over the Sky Round 7 Yes
China Town Round 6 Yes
Run or Die Round 3-2 Yes
Like a Wind Round 3-1 Yes
Labyrinth Round 8 Yes
Sunrise Blvd. Round 2-1 Yes
The Dark City Round 5 Yes
Ninja Step Round 4 Yes
Long Distance Demo Yes
Failure Yes
Silence Night Bad Ending Yes
My Lover Good Ending Yes
Game Over Yes
The N.Master Final Boss Yes
Opening Yes


The Revenge of Shinobi

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