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Thunder Force IV
Format(s): Vinyl
Record label: Data Discs
Release Date RRP Code
£31.9931.99[1] DATA018
(Limited Edition)
£31.9931.99[1] DATA018

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Thunder Force IV is a vinyl album containing music from the Sega Mega Drive game Thunder Force IV.

Track list

A1. Lightning Strikes Again  
A2. Tan Tan Ta Ta Ta Tan  
A3. Don't Go Off  
A4. Fighting Back  
A5. What!?  
A6. Evil Destroyer  
A7. Space Walk  
A8. Danger!! Danger!!  
A9. Attack Sharply  
A10. The Sky Line  
B1. Air Raid  
B2. Simmer Down  
B3. Sand Hell  
B4. Where!?  
B5. Strike Out  
B6. Battleship  
B7. Stranger  
B8. Neo Weapon  
B9. Count Down  
C1. Great Sea Power  
C2. The Breaker  
C3. Sea of Flame  
C4. Rancor  
C5. Metal Squad  
C6. Phantom  
C7. Down Right Attack  
C8. Recalcitrance  
C9. The Danger Zone  
D1. War Like Requiem  
D2. Shooting Stars  
D3. Silvery Light of the Moon  
D4. Light of Silence  
D5. Love Dream  
D6. Stand Up Against Myself  
D7. Because You're the Number One  
D8. Remember of [Knight of Legend]  
D9. The Stars  
D10. Dead End  
E1. Omake 1  
E2. Omake 2  
E3. Omake 3  
E4. Omake 4  
E5. Omake 5  
F1. Omake 6  
F2. Omake 7  
F3. Omake 8  
F4. Omake 9  
F5. Omake 10  

Production credits

  • All tracks composed by: Technosoft Sound Team
  • Audio captured in 24bit/96kHz from a Japanese Model 1 Mega Drive with VA1 motherboard
  • Mastered for vinyl by: Shaun Crook, October 2018
  • Poster illustration by: Taisuke Kanasaki
  • Produced under license from SEGA
Back cover
ThunderForceIV Vinyl UK back.jpg

Physical scans

Vinyl, UK
ThunderForceIV Vinyl UK back.jpgThunderForceIV Vinyl UK front.jpg

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