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In the early 1990s, Sega were unable or unwilling to release the original Sega Mega Drive in multiple markets at once. Instead the release was staggered across the globe between 1988 and 1995. Taiwanese firms often made their own clones to capitalise on this shortage. By the time this skill had been mastered, however, much of the world was supplied with the console by official vendors.



By Shanghai Huze Electronics Co.

New Star

By Tianjing Newstar Electronics., Ltd.

New Star Series

Other version of above one.


Made by Subor.

Shiba Super Game

By Beijing Aipu Electromechanical Development Co. Ltd.


Media Grand Master

Made for the Indian market by Media Entertainment System known for making Nintendo 8-bit clones.


Mega Drive (unknown)

Mega Drive with 20 built in games.

Genesis (unknown)

A Japanese-style Mega Drive with "Genesis" labeled on top.

Middle East


Mega Drive (unknown)

Sold by S&M.

Mega Drive 2000

Rinco New Home Computer Super Mega III

The 16-bit successor of Rinco Home Computer 3600, a famiclone popular in the region.

Star Drive


Hunt 16 bit

Sold by E-Moll.

Macro Drive

Sold by ElektroTEL.


Fugi Star Drive

Released around 1994, advertised as Russian-made clone by a Moscow-based company Teplostar. It cost about 300,000 RUB. The console was presented in the Russian TV show Computer Hall. It's successor is Fugi Star Drive 2.

Serbia and Montenegro

Star Drive II

South America

Mega Drive (Argevision)

Argevision made knock-off video game consoles and accessories for Argentina. This is their stab at the Mega Drive.

Super Songa

One of several attempts to crack the Mega Drive clone market by Songa. The box is based on KW-501 clone named Super Mega 16 Bit. Available in Argentina.

King Karol

Distributed in Argentina by King Karol Argentina.

The Best NG-16 (YS-750)

By Dynacom Argentina.

Mega Drive (Kinyo)

Bog standard Mega Drive clone by Kinyo.

Mega Drive (NASA)


Dr Super Star Drive

Mega Drive clone by Songtly Enterprise Co, Ltd.. It's successor is Dr Super Star Drive 2.


SB-001/Niysa Assai P5

Made by "Family Game" in Taiwan and "Niysa IT Company" in Turkey. Standard Mega Drive clone with Mega CD support, but with no region encoding and a 50-60Hz switch. Despite the box art it is thought to have shipped with fairly standard three button controllers. PAL-B, PAL-D, PAL-I, PAL-N and NTSC variants supposedly exist. Includes built-in DOS-like operating system.


Mega Drive (unknown)

A fairly boring Mega Drive clone which appears from time to time which can be identify by lack of Sega logo on controller in the front box and physically. Shipped with two odd-looking six button controllers and a multicart of some description, and the colours are off.

Clone (Example) Original (Example)

Siga Miga Drive

One of the earliest clones.

Siga MD Box Front.png
Siga MD Box Front.png
SegaIsraelSegaClub IL PrintAd.jpg
Advert including a feature on how to tell a genuine Mega Drive from a clone (Siga as example). Print advert in Freak (IL) #10 (1993-xx-xx)
SegaIsraelSegaClub IL PrintAd.jpg


35 Games Mega Drive

Console branded by 35 in 1 Golden Mega Game.

Generation 2

Mega 16 Plus

Mega Drive with a different label. The underside calls it a Dr. Super Star Drive, however it has a different to the console described above.


Mega Drive (unknown)

Box design based on Genesis 3 style.

Super Creation

It has the Mega CD connector and and a secondary internal cartridge slot where a multicart pcb is plugged in. When there is no cartridge inserted into the main cartridge slot, it runs whatever cartridge is inserted into the internal cartridge slot. Uses a 5-pin DIN connector for the av-out, so it only outputs composite video (and rf). This one shipped with three button turbo controllers. Some models have been spotted lacking the internal cartridge slot.

Samba Super Game

Super Mega

Laser Flash

Gentry IQ-1600

Branded by Gentry, sold in China or Hong Kong.

Super Mission SM-2001

It's successor is Super Mission 2.

Super Sinca(?)

Game Drive

Super Genesis

Super Vega


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