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From the mid 1990s to early 2000s the Mega Drive template of choice predictably became the cost-reduced Mega Drive 2. The clones of this system became popular in South America, former USSR, Middle East, Asia, parts of Europe and Africa. The simplified design of the Mega Drive 2 makes it very easy to reproduce - the number of Mega Drive 2 clones worldwide far exceeds that of other Sega clones, and was even the basis for some Famiclones.




Released in 2013 by Amusement Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


Sold by Media Entertainment System.

Mega Drive 2 (SoRoo)

Distributed by Roosha World Electronics.

Mitashi Magic

Distributed by Mitashi Edutainment.


Gamars GM-216

Sold by Gamcom Prima Electronic.

Gamars GM-316

Successor of Gamars.

New Super Drive 2 (Gamars)


Mega Drive 2 (Video Gioco 16-bit)

Italian clone.


Relektronix Mega Drive II (Naco)

Produced in Hong Kong by Naco, sold in Latvia by T.N.Rozalinde.

Middle East

Main article: Unlicensed Mega Drive clones (Mega Drive 2) in the Middle East.


MEGA+Plus2 (Neon)

Sold in Poland by Biwit. The box is similar to a North American Genesis model 2. Neon also made Mega Drive controllers.


Main article: Unlicensed Mega Drive clones (Mega Drive 2) in Russia.

South America

Main article: Unlicensed Mega Drive clones (Mega Drive 2) in South America.


Mega Drive 2 (ZW-162)

Credits Kin Wai (Hong Kong) Investment Limited, similarly to the Mega Drive One and Mega Drive III. This clone is common in Ukraine were it was distributed domestically by TOV Kombat in 2000s.

Sɘga Mega Nan II/Sega MD2 168+

Sold by VideoGames in 2010s[1].

TV Games WY-16

Sold by VideoGames in 2010s. Bundle with Sonic.

Super Drive II

Another version of popular in Russia Super Drive clone, seen in early 2020s.


Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

More Chinese-built Worldwide sold Mega Drive 2s. Poor picture quality makes it difficult to deduce where they're from - could be StarGame, could be Gigatron. Other colours exist.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Similar to the above, but only includes 9 built-in games (with no repeats) and a Micro SD card slot for playing ROM files. Outputs mono sound, is PAL 50Hz (but can be easily modified to NTSC 60Hz), has inaccurate sound (like Atgames clones), doesn't work with Everdrive, and doesn't work with high capacity multicarts.

Mega Drive 2 (BII)

Another worldwide sold clone.

Mega Drive 2 (WEN-BC)

The clone from WEN-BC sold from 1996 to 1999, primarily intendend for Bulgarian market, but it was also seen at the similar time in Russia/CIS territories. Today, this clone can be found on worldwide auction sites and it doesn’t have anything to do with WEN-BC, but it’s name on console and bulgarian sticker on box still remain.

Mega Drive 2 (Atlanta)

The clone from 1996, signed by Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Sold in Poland (by F.A.V. Studio), Russia and the Baltic States.

Mega Drive 2 (Black Box)

Perhaps this is the mother of all Mega Drive 2 clones. They are very faithful copies of the original consoles sold in Asia. Unfortunately, due to the little information gathered about the original consoles, it's very easy to confuse the original with the clone. Some things that are different in clones are:

  • incorrect serial numbers
  • the option of bypassing the regional blockade
  • box sizes
  • poorer color quality of the box
  • manual have less than 4 languages (should have English, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic or Thai)

However, this does not give one hundred percent certainty.

Clone (Example) Original (Example)

16-bit Mega Drive II

32 Mega 2 (Mega 2)

King Game 16 Mega Drive II

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

The clone that was manufacture by different producers from mid-1990s until mid-2000s, found in many places of the world.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Medaa Drive II (Sedaa)

Medaa Drive II (Sedaav)

Medda Drive II (Sedda)

Mega Drive III (Virgin.Game(?))

Mega Drive X

Mega Drive XI


Spotted in South America although likely originates from Taiwan or China.

Super Games (GA-349)

Zmedda Drive II (Zseda)

Mega Drive 2 (Green Box)

Another mother of clones. It differs from the original in the length of one of the sides. On the back side, Made in Japan is missing in most of the boxes.

Clone Original

Game Drive 2 (Nicom)

New Design 2

Mega Drive 2 (18 in 1 Rambo III)

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Similar to the above, however Sega seal is added.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

A close copy of the "green" Asian model, but with a number of subtle differences.

Speed Drive 2

Zet Drive 2

Mega Drive 2 (White Box)

Next mother of clones. The biggest difference is the poorer color palette.

Clone Original

Golden Drive 2

Macro Drive

Originates from Taiwan.

Mega Trend 2

Mega Drive 2 (North America style)

North Amercan-style packaging, but same knock-off Japanese console you'll find elsewhere. Some adopt the North American colour scheme however.

Clone Original

The Golden System 99

Bundle with Sonic, Sunset Riders and Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure.


Amtrade Super Game


MD Genesis 2 (Retroad)

Released in 2019. Uses the TCT-6801 console-on-a-chip. Has NTSC/PAL/Overseas/Japan switches and contains 170 built-in games. Composite av output with stereo audio (the sound channels are reversed).

Mega 2 (unknown)

Mega Drive 2 (Sego)

Meda Drive II (Sedaa)

Mega Drive 2 (MG Electronics Industry Co., Ltd)

Chinese-born Mega Drive 2 clone with slight colour differences. The board is dated 19th October 2001.

Mega Drive 2 368 in 1

Here an 368-in-1 multicart gets a mention on the system itself.

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)

Produced by Trump Grand Manufacturing Co.

Mega Drive 2 (SJ-6000)

Video System 3 (Nicom)

Mega Drive 2 (unknown)


Super Creation 2

Superga/Super Sega

Super Game II 16 BIT (Argo)

16-bit Super Mege Drive System

MT-Drive I

New Game 3


By Zoga.



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