Kin Wai (Hong Kong) Investment Limited

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Kin Wai (Hong Kong) Investment Limited
Founded: 1999
Hong Kong

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Kin Wai (Hong Kong) Investment Limited was a Asian company specifying in production of Mega Drive bootlegs of consoles and games for Ukrainian market. The consoles boxes and manuals were localized into Ukrainian, Russian and English but video games only to Russian and English. All products were distributed domestically by TOV Kombat.


List of bootleg releases

Box made by Kin Wai
Saga cart
Russian language sticker

Kin Wai bootlegs can be identified by the fact that each box has a K-A rating and Saga name is on the back of the cartridge. The Games with a sticker on the spine or an sign on the cartridge русская версия are in Russian. Sold in Ukraine from early 2000s to mid-2000s.

List of multi-cart releases