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Yokohama Joypolis
Location: 神奈川県横浜市中区新山下1丁目14番18号, Japan
Opened: 1994-07-20[1]
Closed: 2001-02-28[2]

Yokohama Joypolis (横浜ジョイポリス), later Joypolis H. Factory Yokohama (ジョイポリスH.FACTORY横浜), was the first Joypolis indoor theme park opened by Sega. Alongside the earlier Osaka ATC Galbo, the park was one of the original two locations opened under the Amusement Theme Park concept in 1994,[3] becoming the company's flagship amusement facility during the mid 1990s. It has since been closed permanently and demolished.


The "B.U.R.P." escalator device created by "Dr. Chrono", used as the centrepiece theme story aspect in Yokohama Joypolis

Yokohama Joypolis was themed around a conceptual story involving a fictional professor, "Dr. Chrono", and his creation, the "B.U.R.P." (Basic Universal Reflector Prism),[4] a device which, in its physical form, involved the escalators linking the floors of the centre together.[5] "Dr Chrono" was first used for Osaka ATC Galbo and would go on to feature in the other two Galbo locations.

  • 日本語
  • English
天才発明家"Dr.クロノ"。 横浜 新山下に秘密の研究所を持つ彼の目的は、「"時"の破壊」。 日常という「時の流れ」に支配され、いつもと同じ「空間」で変化のない毎日を過ごすことに何の疑問も抱かずに生きる人々にとてつもない衝撃を与えるために、彼は研究を重ねてきた。そして、ついに『時空間位相変調装置(BURP)』が出来上がった。『BURP』を稼働させれば、「時」を歪ませ、「空間」にひずみをつくり、人々を「時の流れ」から解放させることができる。ところが、この事態を時空間管理局(タイム・ポリス)がキャッチし、彼の実験を妨げようとする。"Dr.クロノ"は、『BURP』を守るために、研究所をアミューズメントテーマパーク 『ジョイポリス』としてカモフラージュした。彼の研究成果は7種類の時空間を体験できるアトラクションにより体験できる。[7]
Genius Inventor "Dr. Chrono" Yokohama "Destruction of 'Time' "--that's the aim of Dr. Chrono who has a secret laboratory in Shin-Yamashita. He's been struggling through one experiment after another, just to give an astonishing impact to those who, ruled by the "current of time", will never question the way they spend days in the same old "space". At last, he has succeeded in inventing the "*Phase Modulator of Time and Space* (BURP)". "BURP" allows both "time" and "space" to be warped, so that people can be set free from the "current of time". As luck would have it, however, the Time Police catch-on to news of his discovery and try to stop him from continuing his experiments. To protect "BURP", "Dr. Chrono" disguises his laboratory by turning it into an amusement park "JOYPOLIS". You can try the fruits of his research in our attractions that allow you to encounter seven different dimensions of time and space.[6]


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