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Kyoto Joypolis
Location: 京都府京都市下京区烏丸通塩小路下ル 東塩小路町657番地 JR西日本京都駅「新京都駅ビル」10階, Japan
Opened: 1997-09-11[1]
Closed: 2002-08-22[1]

Kyoto Joypolis (京都ジョイポリス) was a Joypolis indoor amusement theme park opened by Sega. Smaller than the previous parks opened under the Joypolis chain, many of its attractions were removed in the months following its September 1997 opening, with operations ceased entirely by August 2002.

Daisuke Takahata worked part-time at the venue before joining Sega as a developer.[2]


Located on the tenth floor of the JR Kyoto ISETAN complex and one of the original tenants on its September 1997 opening day, Kyoto Joypolis was the sixth Joypolis indoor theme park opened by Sega. The venue saw the company experiment with the established Amusement Theme Park concept; though it initially contained several newly-developed attractions and two food and drink outlets,[3] its size was significantly smaller in comparison to its predecessors, and entry fees were not charged. Its theme, "Touch & feel It's cute", was also created for the park to appeal towards women in particular.[4]

In the following months, few events were held at the location, its "Café Mint" was removed, and a number of its exclusive attractions were relocated to the other larger Joypolis centres. By 2001, only the Sega Touring Car Championship and Wild River installations remained in use.[5] Despite its significant downscaling, Kyoto Joypolis became the final Joypolis to be closed by Sega during the early 2000s, with it ceasing operations at the end of August 2002 after their contract with ISETAN was not renewed.[2]


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