Daisuke Takahata

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Daisuke Takahata
Place of birth: Hokkaido, Japan[1]
Date of birth: 1981[1] (age 42-43)
Employment history:
Role(s): Designer

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Daisuke Takahata (高畑 大輔) is a game designer at Sega. After graduating high school in 2001 he worked a part-time job at Kyoto Joypolis, a dream he had held since visiting the location on a school trip. He was dejected at Kyoto Joypolis's closing in 2002, but continued by taking on the role of assistant manager at Sega World Fukuda.

He later joined Sega as a developer on StarHorse 2 New Generation, drawing on his experience repairing StarHorse cabinets at Kyoto Joypolis. At the age of 32, 9 years after joining the company, he was transferred from R&D1 to R&D2 to work on the MJ series of Mahjong games.[1] He currently supervises the competitive MJ team Sega Sammy Phoenix.[2]

Production history


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