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Tokyo Joypolis
Location: Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
Opened: 1996-07-12[1]

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Tokyo Joypolis (東京ジョイポリス) is a Joypolis indoor theme park opened by Sega. Opened in July 1996 and situated within the Decks Tokyo Beach shopping complex, Odaiba, it is the largest and most active Joypolis in operation, and its design has gone on to become a template for the company’s further locations.

It has been remodelled and reopened twice in its 25 years of operations, once in December 2000 and again in July 2012.


Current attractions

  • Fortune Forest
  • Gekion Live Coaster
  • Halfpipe Tokyo
  • House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn The Attraction
  • The Joypolis Explorer
  • Murder Lodge
  • Sonic Athletics
  • Spicy Taxi
  • Storm G
  • Tower Tag VR
  • Transformers Human Alliance Special
  • Wild Wing
  • Wild Jungle Brothers
  • Wild River The Treasure Hunt
  • Zero Latency VR

Past attractions


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