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Alfred Nilsen
Employment history:
Role(s): Director of Global Marketing
Education: Boston University - Questrom School of Business (Bachelor of Marketing Science and Arts; 1979)

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Alfred “Al” Nilsen is an American businessman and marketer, and former Director of Global Marketing for Sega of America. Nilsen’s work was crucial to the successful rise of the Sega Genesis and the establishment of Sonic the Hedgehog’s American presence.

Nilsen has been honored by Advertising Age as one of the top marketers in the United States.


Al Nilsen is responsible for some of Sega of America’s most recognized marketing. Coordinating such attention-getting campaigns such as Sega World Tour '91 and Sonic 2sday, his youthful exhuberance resulted in events that connected directly with a then-unsure public, and were above all, fun.

Nilsen’s efforts were key to the scrappy but determined feeling of Sega of America, especially in regards to its marketing, and his ability to think creatively was crucial to the company’s successful growth in a Nintendo-monopolized market.

Production history



* Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive Version) (1992) — Development Support (uncredited)

  • Sonic CD (1993) — Development Support (uncredited)
  • Phantom 2040 (Mega Drive and SNES Versions) (1995) — Special Thanks to



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