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Alisia Dragoon
System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo Switch Online
Publisher: Game Arts
Genre: Action[1]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥7,8007,800 T-45033
Sega Mega Drive
$69.9569.95[3] 1039
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
£39.9939.99[6][7] 1039
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega Drive
Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online

Alisia Dragoon (アリシアドラグーン) is a 1992 platformer for the Sega Mega Drive developed by Game Arts, with Japanese animation studio Gainax (famous for classic franchises such as Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water and Neon Genesis Evangelion) providing art and story, and Mecano Associates providing music.


Alisia Dragoon, Alisia.png

In the Japanese version, Alisia is the daughter of a sorcerer killed by evil Baldour's followers after her father banished Baldour in a cocoon to outer space, which has since crashed back to Earth, leaving Alisia to defeat Baldour and his followers.

In the Western versions, Alisia is a female adventurer who is the only one who can destroy the evil delivered by a silver star that has returned to Earth (implied that Earth had managed to deal with it once before).


Alisia Dragoon, Cutscene.png


The player controls Alisia Dragoon in side-scrolling platforming environments. She moves with Left and Right, jumps with C, and crouches with Down. Alisia can attack by summoning bolts of lightning from her hands with B. Her lightning attack automatically targets enemies in the direction she is facing and splits itself as necessary. The shot lasts for as long as B is held, but its power diminishes as Alisia drains her attack power. Her power replenishes when she is not attacking; when fully charged, it allows her to unleash a multi-target rolling bolt attack, hitting every enemy on the screen. Alisia is often swarmed with enemies from all sides, and the energy system encourages the player to manage Alisia's power judiciously to have her able to defend herself at critical moments. Alisia can attack while jumping or crouching.

Besides enemies, stages also contain conventional platforming challenges, such as gaps that must be jumped across, environmental hazards such as fireballs launching from the ground, and branching paths. Stages contain numerous hidden areas, often containing level-up items, encouraging exploration. Stages sometimes have scripted sequences or cutscenes. Each stage is completed by defeating the boss at the end.

Helping Alisia in her quest are her pet monsters. These creatures fly around the heroine on their own, attacking her foes, and blocking enemy attacks from hitting her. There are four pets, each with its own type of attack. Only one pet can fight alongside Alisia in her quest, but the player can select any of the four (or none) as the active companion at any time by pressing A (which also pauses the game) and pressing Up or Down.

Over the course of the game, Alisia and her monsters can find items to increase the size of their health bars and level up their attacks. Health bar segments are lost by taking damage from enemy attacks and traps. When Alisia's pets lose their entire health bars, they are removed from play and cannot be brought back until a Revive power-up is collected. If Alisia loses her entire health bar, she can restart the level by expending a continue. The game ends if all the continues have been used. The player does not start with any continues but can find them hidden in the levels. The game has no features for saving the player's progress. After the game ends, a screen is shown, charting the overall performance of the player based on the last stage completed, the number of kills, the power level of Alisia's attack, and the frequency the pet monsters are used.


Dragon companions follow Alisia throughout the game. Alisia's monsters have a health bar and an energy gauge. They are controlled by the computer and attack automatically when the energy bar is full. Each one can be leveled up twice by finding a Level Up item when the companion is selected. Every level increments the companion's health bar by one segment, increases its attack damage, and changes its appearance.

The dragon can become exhausted by depleting its health bar. The appearance of dragon companions changes as they take damage. They can be rejuvenated by finding a Revive item. When revived, companions start over at level 1.

Alisia Dragoon, Companions, Dragon Frye.png
Dragon Frye (ファイヤー・ドラゴン)
Shoots one, two, or three fireballs (depending on its level). The fireballs do good damage but cover a small area. Most useful against a small number of formidable foes.
Alisia Dragoon, Companions, Ball O' Fire.png
Ball O' Fire (バーニング・スフィア)
Attacks by touching enemies. Meager damage output but the most durable companion; any damage inflicted against it drains its power gauge first and only impacts its health bar when its energy gauge is empty. The only companion that attacks with less than a full energy gauge.
Alisia Dragoon, Companions, Thunder Raven.png
Thunder Raven (サンダー・バード)
Attacks all enemies on screen simultaneously with its lightning flash. This is the slowest attack, but it does fair damage and has the best area of effect. An excellent companion against a large number of foes.
Alisia Dragoon, Companions, Boomerang Lizard.png
Boomerang Lizard (ブーメラン・リザード)
Shoots one, two, or three boomerangs (depending on its level). The boomerangs fly around and return to the dragon, hitting targets along the way. Attacks very quickly. Good when there are a large number of foes all around.


Items are contained within winged receptacles, which Alisia can break open with her lightning power. The item then falls out and can be collected by moving over it. Sometimes the receptacle is hidden until Alisia approaches or hits it with her lightning attack.


Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
Winged Receptacle
Attack to break the item free.
Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
Thunder Level Up
Increases Alisia's attack level, up to level 8.
Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
Replenishes one segment of Alisia's health bar.
Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
Permanently adds one segment to Alisia's health bar, up to 6 segments.
Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
1 Up
Gives the player an extra continue.
A fairy that protects Alisia and makes her invulnerable to attacks for a duration.
Thunder Power Max
A fairy that grants Alisia a full power bar and removes the cost from her attacks for a duration.
Two fairies that create a platform for Alisia to reach otherwise inaccessible heights.


Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
Level Up
Increases the level of the currently selected companion, up to level 3, which increases its attack power and gives it another health bar segment.
Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
Replenishes one segment of the currently selected companion's health bar.
Alisia Dragoon, Items.png
Revives all exhausted companions. Revived companions start over at level 1.


Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-1.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-2.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-3.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-3 Boss.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-1.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-2.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-3.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 1-3 Boss.png

Stage 1

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 2.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 2 Boss.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 2.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 2 Boss.png

Stage 2

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 3.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 3 Boss.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 3.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 3 Boss.png

Stage 3

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 4.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 4 Boss.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 4.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 4 Boss.png

Stage 4

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 5-1.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 5-2.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 5-2 Boss.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 5-1.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 5-2.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 5-2 Boss.png

Stage 5

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 6-1.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 6-2.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 6-2 Boss.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 6-1.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 6-2.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 6-2 Boss.png

Stage 6

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 7-1.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 7-1 Boss.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 7-2.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 7-1.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 7-1 Boss.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 7-2.png

Stage 7

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 8 Boss 1.png

Alisia Dragoon, Stage 8 Boss 2.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 8 Boss 1.png

  • Alisia Dragoon, Stage 8 Boss 2.png

Stage 8



The game was re-released internationally on the Mega Drive Mini in 2019.

Production credits

Main article: Alisia Dragoon/Production credits.
  • Main Programer: Naozumi Honma
  • Assistant Programer: Osamu Harada
  • Main Graphic Designer: Masatoshi Azumi
  • Assistant Graphic Designer: Meiko Wada
  • Music Programer: Mister Tom, Ari Kamijoh
  • Assistant Music Programer: Ken-ichi Kunishima
  • Story Concept Designer: Yuzo Sunaga
  • Scenario Writer: Yoshimi Kanda
  • Character Design of Monsters: Hajime Satoh
  • Character Design of Alisia: Hiroyuki Hataike
  • Technical Support: Toshimichi Masubuchi
  • Art Work: Mariko Uemura
  • Music Composer: Mecano Associates
    • Music Producer: Kass
    • Musicians: Nobuyuki Aoshima, Mamoru Ishimoda, Youko Sonoda, Mariko Satoh
  • Special Thanks: Takeshi Miyaji, Kazuyuki Ohata, Gainax, Takami Akai, Toshio Okada, Yasuhiro Takeda, Takeshi Sawamura, Kazuhiro Nakazawa
  • Special Test Player: Masahiko Ikeya
  • Test Players: Akio Matsuda, Ken-ichiroh Ohmi, Nobuo Horii, Naotsugu Honma, Hideto Masubuchi, Hidetomo Tanaka
  • Executive Producer: Yoichi Miyaji
In-game credits (US)
Alisia Dragoon US credits.pdf

  • Special Thanks: Takahiro Okano
  • Original Concept: Satoshi Uesaka
In-game credits (JP)
Alisia Dragoon JP credits.pdf

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Alisia Dragoon

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Technical information

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Alisia Dragoon

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