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Blast Wind
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Technosoft
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (19 tracks)
Genre: Shooting[1][2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,8005,800 T-1810G
Sega Rating: All Ages

Blast Wind (ブラストウインド) is a Sega Saturn vertical shoot-'em-up game developed and published by Technosoft. A port of the developer's titular unreleased 1993 arcade game Blast Wind[3][4], it was released exclusively in Japan in January 1997.


A nuclear shockwave has all but destroyed the entire population of Earth. The remaining humans on the planet were gathered aboard a ship called the Ark by a prophetic man named Noa. After the radiation dissipated, humankind emerged from the Ark and began building anew.

However, the developing civilization came under attack by a society named Gorn (a reference to the ORN Empire from Technosoft's popular shoot-'em-up series Thunder Force), the embodiment of machines and artificiality. During the nuclear winter, Gorn was sealed beneath the Earth's crust but surfaced when the remaining humans returned. Humanity must fight back against Gorn, using ancient weapons unearthed by the new civilization and two "Ultimate Destroyers" known as Kyō and Forn.


A for normal shot, B or AAAAA for homing shot, and C for bombs. This can be changed in the options.


Players control either Kyō (Player 1) or Forn (Player 2)'s ships, each ship has two different main shot types.

BlastWind Saturn JP SS Kyo.png Kyō
Player 1
  • Shot type 1 = Homing X-shot
  • Shot type 2 = Wave shot, follows the contours of some levels with walls
BlastWind Saturn JP SS Forn.png Forn
Player 2
  • Shot type 1 = Aiming spread shot
  • Shot type 2 = Laser


The game is notable for being able to change routes by pushing blocks. Some stages change the stage boss or attack method.

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST1.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST1BOSSN.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST1BOSSA.png

Stage 1: Iron Skyscraper
Normal Route Boss: Strat Guard

Alternate Route Boss: Strat Guard

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST2.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST2BOSSN.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST2BOSSA.png

Stage 2: City of Night
Normal Route Boss: Gamma Ray

Alternate Route Boss: Sprigun

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST3.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST3BOSSN.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST3BOSSA.png

Stage 3: Atlantis
Normal Route Boss: Sodom

Alternate Route Boss: Sodom

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST4.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST4BOSSN.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST4BOSSA.png

Stage 4: Earth Breaker
Normal Route Boss: Ostragle

Alternate Route Boss: Ostragle

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST5.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST5BOSS.png

Stage 5: Dimension Cave
Normal/Alternate Route Boss: Drad

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST6.png

BlastWind Saturn JP SS ST6BOSS.png

Stage 6: Gorn LastBattle
In Final Boss background, Gorn's motto appears, "World of Technology", it is also Technosoft's slogan.


BlastWind Saturn JP SP Powup.png Power UP
Weapon power increase 1 level. Brief period of invincibility and a powerful horizontal lightning blast after pickup.
BlastWind Saturn JP SP Powup2.png Full Power UP
Weapon power gets maxed. Brief period of invincibility and a powerful horizontal lightning blast after pickup.
BlastWind Saturn JP SP Bomb.png Bomb
Add bomb.
BlastWind Saturn JP SP Option.png Shield Ball
Option ball that absorbs enemy bullets.
BlastWind Saturn JP SP 1up.png 1up
Increase 1 ship.
BlastWind Saturn JP SP Score1.png Bonus 1
Get 1000 points.
BlastWind Saturn JP SP Score2.png Bonus 2
Get 5000 points.
BlastWind Saturn JP SP Score3.png Bonus 3
Get 100 points.


Originally developed as a 1993 arcade game, Blast Wind failed its location test and missed its advertised release date.[3][4] Later the next year, a retooled version of the game titled Inazuma Saber also received a location test, this time with a humorous tone and comedic banter between player characters and bosses. This version also failed its location test, and went equally unreleased.[3][4] Nearly four years later, Technosoft revisited the original 1993 version of the game for a Sega Saturn port.

Produced in very limited quantities, Blast Wind has become one of the rarest non-promotional Sega Saturn releases.

Production credits

  • Main Program: Pen Knife
  • Sub Program: Zako, Cyber Yumimint, Chinpui
  • Enemy Program: Godzy, Wahrsager, Noritaloon, Nekoon
  • Demo Program: Zany
  • Conversion: Nincompoop, Mirror, Takohai Ssu, Under Cover
  • Main Design: Pei Crash
  • Sub Design: OPA
  • Music Compose & Sound Effect: Tsukumohyakutaro
  • Direction Produce: Yunker Matai
  • Works: Neptune
  • Executive Produce: Shigotonin
  • Special Thanks: Souichiro Hikichi, Andrew Zimmerman, And You
  • Presented by: Tecno Soft®
In-game credits
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Blast Wind

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Blast Wind

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