Mega Drive puzzle games

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While Sega had the arcade Tetris license, Nintendo had the cartridge license, so Sega could not legally release their home version (though some number of copies found their way onto store shelves). Furthermore, companies in the late 1980s-early 1990s were too busy touting the Mega Drive's capabilities in action-packed platformers and shoot-'em-ups to give the genre much attention. However, Sega adopted the Mega Drive hardware into the System C arcade board, which was full of puzzle games, and several System C games were ported back to the Mega Drive — Columns, Puyo Puyo and Tsu, the two Puzzle & Action games — and Sega Game Toshokan was also populated with puzzle games. In the end, not many puzzle games were released on the Mega Drive, but those that were released are considered some of the platform's best.