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The Lost Vikings
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Interplay (US), Ballistic (US; Rerelease), Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe)
Supporting companies:
Distributor: SF Interactive Media (SE rental)
Sound driver: Krisalis sound driver
Peripherals supported: Six Button Control Pad; Team Player
Genre: Puzzle

Number of players: 1-3
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Mega Drive
    $59.9559.95[3] T-125016
    Videogame Rating Council: GA
    Sega Mega Drive
    Videogame Rating Council: GA
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    £39.9939.99[5][6][7] T-70226-50
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sega Mega Drive
    Non-Sega versions

    The Lost Vikings is a platform-puzzle game developed by Silicon & Synapse (now Blizzard Entertainment) and published by Interplay for a variety of platforms including the Sega Mega Drive.


    The game follows three Vikings, Erik the Swift, Olaf the Stout and Baleog the Fierce, who have been plucked out of their own timezone by the evil Tomator, who is collecting lifeforms from all over the universe. It is up to the player to guide all three Vikings through various periods in time to get back to their village.


    The main objective of the game is to get all three Vikings past various obstacles to the exit of each level safely. Each Viking has their own set of skills which are needed to progress through the stage. The player can only control one Viking at once, but can switch between them at any point by pressing  START +Left and  START +Right (X and Z) and share items. All three Vikings must survive in order to complete a level - if a Viking dies, the player must retry the level by either getting the remaining Vikings to the exit (if possible), or by pressing  START +A ( START ) to give up at any time. Levels can be restarted as many times as the player needs, though the Vikings will complain if the player restarts several times.

    As the Sega Mega Drive version came later than the others (1994 as opposed to 1992), it contains five stages not present in any other version (these being stages 11, 18, 19, 25 and 37). The music is also slightly different. The game is compatible with the Six Button Control Pad and the Team Player, allowing for up to three players to play simultaneously. In a multiplayer game, multiple Vikings can move simultaneously, but the camera will only track one Viking at a time. The player in control of the camera can press A+B+C to pass the camera to the next player in port order.


    LostVikings MD Sprite Characters.png
    Erik the Swift
    As the self-proclaimed leader of the group, Erik can move faster than the other two Vikings and is the only one who can jump. However, he has no defensive capabilities which makes him vulnerable when scouting by himself, and his speed can be difficult to control.
    • Primary ability: Press B to make Erik jump. The faster he is moving, the higher he can jump.
    • Secondary ability: Press A while running to make Erik perform a headbutt, inflicting damage to enemies and breaking down certain walls. The recoil will leave him unable to move for a few seconds, making him vulnerable to danger.
    LostVikings MD Sprite Characters.png
    Baleog the Fierce
    Armed with a broadsword, a bow and a large ego, Baleog is the group's offensive specialist and the best solution for taking out enemies. He has no defensive capabilities, so he will need to rely on Olaf for cover.
    • Primary ability: Press B to make Baleog swing his sword. It is a short-ranged attack for defeating enemies up-close.
    • Secondary ability: Hold A to hock an arrow, and release A to fire the arrow in Baleog's direction. Arrows can hit enemies and switches from afar, however some enemies can't be hurt by arrows.
    LostVikings MD Sprite Characters.png
    Olaf the Stout
    The comic relief of the group, Olaf carries a large shield around with him which can be used to block enemy attacks and projectiles in front or above, as well as allowing him to glide over hazards and avoid damage from long falls. However, he cannot fight back and so must depend on his allies, and his shield cannot protect him from enemies that can jump over him.
    • Primary ability: Press A or B to raise or lower Olaf's shield. Raising it up can also give Erik a leg up. Falling from ledges and/or high places with the shield raised will make Olaf glide.
    • Secondary ability: Same as his primary ability above.


    Each Viking can hold a maximum of four items, and can manage items by pressing  START  ( MODE ). To share items with another Viking, a Viking must be standing next to him. Excess food and bombs can be disposed of by moving it to the trash can icon on the HUD. Pressing  START +C (Y) will use the currently highlighted item.

    Some of the items listed here are not collectibles, but are objects that can be interacted with using C.

    Restores one health point.
    Restores two health points.
    Gives a Viking a fourth health point, represented by a blue dot.
    Can be placed on the ground to defeat enemies or destroy certain walls and objects. The blast can instantly kill any Viking that stands too close, so they must be handled with care.
    Smart Bomb
    Instantly destroys all enemies on the screen.
    Flaming Arrow
    Upgrades Baleog's arrows, allowing them to instantly kill any enemy and ignoring their resistance to arrows. Lasts for the duration of a single level.
    Used in keyholes of the same colour to unlock doors and activate objects.
    Gravity Boots
    Lets a Viking walk through a gravitational field unaffected.
    Activates things when pressed with C or shot at with Baleog's arrows.
    Activates things when flipped with C.
    Acts as a switch that can only be shot at with Baleog's arrows.
    Hint Button
    Displays a hint when pressing C in front of one.

    Time periods

    LostVikings MD Starship1.png

    Starship (first visit)
    The Vikings' long journey home begins on Tomator's Starship. It is here that the Vikings learn from Aftiek, a friendly alien, of Tomator's intentions with the Vikings, and the trio must co-operate to escape the ship, making it past security drones and through gravitational fields. The levels here are relatively simple, and are filled with hint buttons that explain the controls and each of the Vikings' unique abilities.

    LostVikings MD Prehistoria1.png

    A prehistoric land roaming with hungry dinosaurs, projectile-spitting snails and rolling cavemen, Prehistoria sees the Vikings traversing through forests, swamps and volcanic caverns. Some swamps and lava pits will emit bubbles, which the Vikings can ride in for a lift, though they'll pop after reaching a certain height.

    LostVikings MD Egypt1.png

    This time period sees the Vikings trek across the ancient Egyptian desert and into a giant pyramid filled with traps. In outdoor levels the Vikings can climb the palm trees for items, and Baleog can shoot down coconuts to help him cross quicksand pits. Spearmen will jump over Olaf to attack him from behind, and the mummies within the pyramid will instantly mummify the Vikings if given the chance.

    LostVikings MD Factory1.png

    This vast industrial complex is filled with many contraptions that the Vikings can interact with, such as seesaws to catapult Vikings into the air, springs for an extra boost, and cranes they can operate to solve puzzles. Some of the machines are hazardous, such as the pounders - Olaf can block the smaller pounders to help Erik and Baleog get past them, but can't do anything about the larger pounders.

    LostVikings MD Wacky1.png

    A truly bizarre landscape consisting of checkered-walled funhouses and mountains made of candy, the Vikings will be dealing with levels less forgiving than other time periods and butt heads with strange enemies. Some puzzles require the Vikings to use air pumps to inflate themselves like balloons, and deflating whenever they need to by pressing B, though keep in mind that the Vikings are vulnerable while inflated.

    LostVikings MD Starship2.png

    Starship (second visit)
    The Vikings' long journey home eventually leads them back on board Tomator's Starship, now with a clear goal in mind: to track down and defeat Tomator. The second visit to the Starship presents the Vikings with the most difficult levels in the game, with many gravitational fields and lethal electrical hazards. The final level pits the Vikings up against Tomator himself, and must defeat him using puzzle-based strategies such as bombing the floor beneath him or pushing him back using Erik's headbutt.


    Level no. Password
    01 STRT
    02 GR8T
    03 TLPT
    04 GRND
    05 LLM0
    06 FL0T
    07 TRSS
    08 PRHS
    09 CVRN
    10 BBLS
    11 TR33
    12 VLCN
    13 QCKS
    14 PHR0
    15 C1R0
    16 SPKS
    17 JMNN
    18 SNDS
    19 TMPL
    20 TTRS
    21 JLLY
    22 PLNG
    23 BTRY
    24 JNKR
    25 RVTS
    26 CBLT
    27 H0PP
    28 SMRT
    29 V8TR
    30 NFL8
    31 WKYY
    32 CMB0
    33 8BLL
    34 TRDR
    35 FNTM
    36 WRLR
    37 PDDY
    38 TRPD
    39 TFFF
    40 FRGT
    41 4RN4
    42 MSTR



    The Mega Drive Lost Vikings was converted from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System[8], being Silicon & Synapse's first Sega project.

    A Sega Mega-CD version with more levels and "special stuff" was planned, but failed to materialise[9].


    The game was followed by The Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest which hit the Sega Saturn in 1997.

    The English IBM PC version has been released by Blizzard as freeware.

    In February 2021, The Lost Vikings was re-released as part of Blizzard Arcade Collection for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC alongside several versions of Rock n' Roll Racing and Blackthorne. The compilation includes the Mega Drive version, the Super NES version, and a "Definitive Edition" based on the SNES release that adds all the additional content from the Mega Drive version as well as multi-language support.

    Production credits

    • Game Design: Silicon & Synapse
    • Producers: Ayman Adham, Alan Pavlish
    • Executive Producer: Brian Fargo
    • Level Design: Ronald Millar Sr.
    • Genesis Programming: Patrick Wyatt, James Edward Anhalt III
    • Original Programming: Michael Morhaime, Frank Pearce Jr., Ayman Adham
    • Artwork: Joeyray Hall, Ronald Millar Sr., Sam Didier, Jason Magness, Stuart Rose
    • Additional Artwork: Clyde Matsumoto, Todd J. Camasta, Cheryl Austin, Spencer Kipe
    • Original Music for the Super Nintendo: Charles Deenen
    • Audio: Krisalis Software Ltd.
    • Music: Matt Furniss
    • Music Driver: Shaun Hollingworth
    • Q.A. Director: Kerry Garrison
    • Assistant Q.A. Director: Rodney N. Relosa
    • Quality Assurance: Floyd Grubb, Dean Schulte, Richard Simpson
    • Manual Design: Bruce Warner
    • Manual Editor: Feargus Urquhart
    • Thanks to: Scott Bennie, Scott Mills
    • Additional grunts, groans and other sounds provided by: M.C. Olaf and the 2 Short Crew
    In-game credits, US manual
    The Lost Vikings MD US Manual.pdf

    Magazine articles

    Main article: The Lost Vikings/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

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    also published in:
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    Physical scans

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    The Lost Vikings

    Mega Drive, US (Interplay)
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    The Lost Vikings MD US Manual.pdf
    Mega Drive, US (Ballistic)
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    Mega Drive, AU

    Mega Drive, AU (Silver)
    LostVikings MD AU silver cover.jpg
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    Technical information

    Main article: The Lost Vikings/Technical information.


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    The Lost Vikings

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