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Die Hard Trilogy
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Fox Interactive (US, Europe), Sega (Japan)
Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (US), Electronic Arts (Europe)
Licensor: Twentieth Century Fox
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (26 tracks)
Peripherals supported: Virtua Gun, Arcade Racer, Shuttle Mouse, 3D Control Pad, Saturn Backup Memory
Genre: Action[1], Table[2]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Svenska
  • 日本語
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Saturn
    ¥5,8005,800 GS-9123
    Sega Rating: All Ages
    Sega Saturn
    $54.9854.98[3] T-16103H
    ESRB: Mature
    Sega Saturn
    ELSPA: 18+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    USK: 18
    Sega Saturn
    aDeSe: 18+
    Sega Saturn
    ELSPA: 18+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Saturn
    £44.9944.99[5] T-16103H-50
    ELSPA: 18+ OK
    Sega Saturn
    Sega Saturn
    OFLC: MA15
    Sega Saturn
    Tectoy: 18+
    Non-Sega versions

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    Die Hard Trilogy (ダイハード・トリロジー) is a set of action games inspired by the Die Hard film franchise.

    According to Mean Machines Sega, the game was also announced for both the Sega Mega Drive and Sega 32X[6]; however, neither of those platforms would see a release.


    As the name suggests, Die Hard Trilogy is split into three sections to cover each of the three Die Hard films. The gameplay differs wildly between the three thirds and covers but a section of the film's story:

    Die Hard

    Die Hard, based on the 1988 film, sees protagonist John McClane rescue hostages in Nakatomi Plaza (the setting of the first film) in a third-person perspective.

    Die Harder

    Die Harder, based on the 1990 sequel, Die Hard 2 (sometimes subtitled "Die Harder") is a rail-shooter where the player shoots terrorists at Dulles Airport. This section is compatible with the Virtua Gun.

    With a Vengeance

    With a Vengeance, based on the 1995 movie, Die Hard with a Vengeance has the player drive a taxi, sports car or dump truck, defusing bombs. With a Vengeance is notorious for allowing users to run over pedestrians, which, if viewed from inside the car, leads to blood being smeared across the windscreen - a source of much controversy at the time which likely led to the game's high age ratings.



    It was developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Fox Interactive for the Sega Saturn in late 1996/early 1997. It is one of two Die Hard games to hit the Saturn at around the same period, the other being Sega's own, Die Hard Arcade, an unrelated beat-'em-up loosely inspired by the first movie.

    Sequels and re-releases

    The game was very popular and successful at the time of release, eventually resulting in a PlayStation sequel, Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas in 2000.


    There is a bug that makes the game lock after the Die Hard copyright text when using some 4in1 carts. This has been noted to occure with the 4in1 cart that has a parallel port on it, it is unclear if this happens with all revisions of the 4in1 cart with the parallel port. The bug is in both the European and American release of the game. There is currently no Action Replay code to circumvent this so the only option is to boot the game without the cart inserted.


    Die Hard Trilogy was originally developed with the PlayStation in mind, with the Saturn (and PC) versions being green lit towards the end of the game's initial development. Though considered by the press to be technically impressive for its day, Die Hard Trilogy highlights the problem facing many western Saturn developers of the era - that the console's 3D capabilities are noticably behind those of Sony's console.

    The Saturn version runs at a lower frame rate and screen resolution, and cuts out several graphical effects, particularly in regards to semi-transparent polygons and textures, and more complex lighting and shadow systems. Polygon counts are also lower in the Saturn version, and loading times are slightly longer in some sections. Virtua Gun support for Die Harder is, however, considered a plus - the PlayStation version does support Konami's Hyperblaster/Justifier light gun but not the GunCon created by Namco, and is less accurate than the Virtua Gun. There are also a number of subtle changes including different HUD graphics and fonts.

    Production credits

    • Original Programming: Simon Pick and Greg Modern
    • Lead Artist and game design: Dennis Gustafsson
    • Conversion to Saturn: Virtually Unreal Ltd.
    • Artist: Paul Helman, Ben McGrath
    • 3D world modeller: James Duncan, Simon Harrison, Dave Kite
    • DH2 mapping, level design, Original Game Design: Matt Nagy
    • DH3 mapping, DHI level design: Alec Prenter
    • DH3 mapping, level design: Jon Gibson
    • DH2 mapping, texture mapping: Russell Wark
    • DHI mapping: Olly Wood
    • DH3 game mapping: Big Kevin Watts
    • Texture mapper, PolyJoiner: Andy Cambridge
    • Texture mapper, Attributing: Paul Collingwood
    • Texture mapper: Vicky Cheale
    • Music Team: Steve Root, Neil Palmer
    • Sound effects: Stuart McDonald
    • FMV Team: Gary Noden, Jason McDonald, Frances Castle, Paul Brierly, Charles Jackson
    • MoCap: Richard Hince, Olly Wood and the talents of Neil McGuire
    • Voice Actor Coordinator: Lani Minella
    • Producer: Michael Arkin
    • Producer (Probe): Darren Anderson
    • Executive Producer (Probe): Tony Porter
    • Special Thanks To: Terry Haynes, Greg Michael, Steve Middleton, Guy Mills, Peter Jones, Scott Marcus, Eric Samulski, Mark Fisher and Andy Brock
    • Quality Control: Cliff Ramsey (QA manager), Craig Kerrison, Michael Patrick, Mitchell Slater, Tom Geddis, Mark Viccary, Ben O'Reilly and Tony Coates
    • Quality Control (FOX): Mike Dunn, Mike Schneider, Seth Roth, Erik Larson and Jackson Hamiter
    • Quality Control Lead: Chris Miller
    • Utils: Bob Armour, John Croudy
    US manual
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    Magazine articles

    Main article: Die Hard Trilogy/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

    Main article: Die Hard Trilogy/Promotional material.

    Physical scans

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    Die Hard Trilogy

    Saturn, JP
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    Saturn, US
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    Saturn, AU
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    Technical information

    Main article: Die Hard Trilogy/Technical information.

    External links

    • Sega of America webpage: Saturn


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    Die Hard Trilogy

    DieHardTrilogy title.png

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