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Dynacom logo.png
Founded: 1981
Defunct: 2011-02
São Paulo, Brazil

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Dynacom is (or was?) a South American video game company.

For a while, they were key players in video game market in Brazil, manufacturing unlicensed consoles based on the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System. Eventually Dynacom brought over the technology of the Sega Mega Drive in the form of the Dynacom Megavision, several months before Sega would officially make gains in the territory themselves through the likes of Tec Toy. Dynacom's Sega offerings were forced to the sidelines by Tec Toy, and were left producing unsuccessful console clones to a very limited audience, presumably being unable to compete with the more advanced machines coming from Japan.

Dynacom did many things right. They were selling turbo controllers well before Sega, and their version of the Power Base Converter, the Mega/Master Adaptor is a much smaller unit than Sega's. All of their products were also significantly cheaper too, meaning that although users would sacrifice on build quality, they were able to play with Sega products for significantly less cash.

During their Atari 2600 days, Dynacom re-released the 2600 port of Zaxxon in Brazil, presumably without a license.

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