Ellen Beth Van Buskirk Knapp

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Ellen Beth Van Buskirk Knapp
Date of birth: 1960 (age 63-64)
Employment history:
Role(s): Marketing Services Manager, Director of Corporate Communications (Sega Channel)
Education: University of Southern California (Bachelor of Journalism Arts - 1983)

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Ellen Beth Van Buskirk Knapp, formerly known as Ellen Beth Van Buskirk and by the nickname EBVB, is an American businesswoman and former Marketing Services Manager for Sega of America.


Joining Sega of America during its famous marketing battle with Nintendo, she was instrumental to much of that era’s attention-getting marketing, especially in regards to live events. Van Buskirk oversaw the successful Sega World Tour '91, and her coordination of Disney's Aladdin's lavish unveiling at Summer CES 1993 was extremely well-received by press and attendees alike.

As Marketing Services Manager, Van Buskirk often served as the direct public relations face for news outlets. While most of these duties entailed providing quotes to the press, she was occasionally tasked with safeguarding Sega of America's image from minor incidents like the failure of the 1993 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Sonic the Hedgehog balloon.

She also served as Director of Corporate Communications for Sega Channel, working with cable companies to ensure the service operated smoothly.

Production history

  • (; 1993) — Public Relations[1]


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